Tweet-a-thon Official Guide Kit #Aluu4 #NeverAgainNG

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We are going to be having an official #aluu4 #neverAgainNG tweetathon (crowd cheers).

A tweetathon is basically like a marathon, but instead of using your legs, you run the race with your fingers. Now if you have never participated in a marathon tweetathon before, do not worry, we are here to guide you. Here’s how it works:

A hash tag in this case #aluu4 and #neverAgainNG is selected. The tweetathon participants now simply have to tweet and retweet using these hashtags. The goal of this is to make the topics trend so that we can raise worldwide awareness about #aluu4 and the #NeverAgainNG Campaign.

Now there are 3 primary levels of tweetathon tweeters. We have the new ninjas, advanced ninjas and super ninjas. Levels is based on the number of tweets you can do in an hour.

New Ninjas can typically do 15 tweets per hour. Advanced Ninjas can do 30 tweets per hour and super Ninjas can do 60 tweets per hour…that is one tweet every minute for an entire hour. Find the category that best suits your tweeting style and simply tweet.

Tweetathon begins October 25th from 9am to 1pm and all of us including @omojuwa, @MrSleevesUp, @ofilispeaks, @kathleenndongmo, @debolalagos, @subomiplumptre, @kwamiadadevoh, @_yemia and others will be there.

Now we know it would not be easy to come up with tweets every few minutes. So we have created some custom tweets that you can simply cut and paste below. Just put in your tweet box and keep tweeting, space them out for maximum effect and spread. If we have just 3 people tweeting every minute for an hour, that would be 180 tweets! Looking forward to seeing you on twitter…let’s have fun.

NOTE: Do take adequate water breaks and relax form time to time, because tweetathons like marathons can get tiring. But like marathons the results and sense of accomplishment is fulfilling. We would be doing this not just for ourselves but for the many victims of injustice in Nigeria so that we can echo the words #NeverAgainNG.

Here are 60+ Tweets To Get You Tweeting every Minute:

  1. Don’t wait another minute, join the petition for the #aluu4 #NeverAgainNG Mob Justice Bill
  2. Tweet @abikedabiri and ask her to consider sponsoring an #aluu4 Mob Justice Bill #aluu4
  3. We are not asking for money, we are just asking for signatures to fight for an #aluu4 Mob Justice Bill
  4. Under the current Nigerian laws, Mob Justice aka Jungle Justice is NOT a crime. That can change with a single signature and retweet #aluu4
  5. When it happens we cry and complain. Let’s try and do something different. Something meaningful support the #aluu4 proposed #aluu4
  6. Tweet @SpeakerTambuwal and ask him consider to sponsoring an #aluu4 Mob Justice Bill
  7. In Nigerian criminal laws “counterfeiting stamps” is a crime, but Mob Justice isn’t! That is a problem, let’s fix it #aluu4
  8. In Nigerian criminal laws “ritual killing” is a crime, but Mob Killing isn’t! That is a problem, let’s fix it
  9. In Nigerian criminal laws “injuring railways” is a crime, but Mob Justice isn’t! That is a problem, let’s fix it #aluu4
  10. In Nigerian criminal laws “Pretending to exercise witchcraft” is a crime, but Mob Justice isn’t! Change that now #aluu4
  11. In Nigerian criminal laws “Stealing animals” is a crime, but Mob Justice isn’t! Change that now #aluu4 #NeverAgainNg
  12. In Nigerian criminal laws “Injuring telegraphs” is a crime…Mob Lynching isn’t! Change that now #aluu4 #NeverAgainNg
  13. In Nigerian criminal laws “Defacing a letter box” is a crime…Mob Justice isn’t! Change that now #aluu4 #NeverAgainNg
  14. People participating in mob lynching are not even aware they are committing a crime. Fix that now #NeverAgainNG
  15. In Primary school, Mob Justice happened. In Secondary school, it happened. Today it still happens. Let’s change #aluu4
  16. The most guilty are not those that carried out the beating. But those that watched. Stop watching #NeverAgainNG
  17. The greatest tragedy is not the acts of bad people, but the silence of good people. Let’s speak up #aluu4 #NeverAgainNG
  18. Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. #MLKQuote #aluu4 #NeverAgainNG
  19. Tweeting is great, but what counts are the signatures. Click here to sign the #aluu4 Mob Justice Bill
  20. Sign and support a petition for an #aluu4 Mob Justice Prohibition Bill #neveragainNG
  21. Every time you sign the #aluu4 petition here an email automatically goes out to a House Rep & Senator #NeverAgainNG
  22. Tweeting is needed, but what really counts are signatures. Click here to sign the #aluu4 Mob Justice Bill #NeverAgainNG
  23. Ask your friends, your cats and even your enemies to sign the petition for an #aluu4 Mob Justice Bill #NeverAgainNG
  24. In Nigerian criminal laws “witchcraft” is a crime, but Mob Justice isn’t! Let’s change that now #aluu4
  25. There should be a specific law against mob justice. Please sign the petition #NeverAgainNg#aluu4
  26. Nigerian needs a specific law against Mob Justice. Please sign the #aluu4 petition at #NeverAgainNg
  27. Mob Justice has gone largely unchecked in Nigeria, we need an explicit law. Sign the #aluu4 Mob Justice Bill Petition
  28. Tweeting is free, supporting is free, signing up is free. Sign the Petition for a #aluu4 Mob Justice Prohibition Bill
  29. Every time Mob Killing occurs we lament, argue and return back to the statusquo. Lets sign a #aluu4 Mob Justice Bill
  30. We can do something different, something more meaningful. Sign the #aluu4 Mob Justice Prohibition Bill
  31. “A man who won’t die for something is not fit to live.” Martin Luther King Jr. #NeverAgainNG
  32. “Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” Martin Luther King Jr. –> Sign the Mob Justice Petition  #NeverAgainNG
  33. Old problems, new hope. New problems, old hope. A dream is: When we’ll go beyond ‘hope’ to hands-on. #NeverAgainNG
  34. A dream is: that no parent, no sister, no brother, no friend will ever have to lose their loved one in that manner ever again. #NeverAgainNG
  35. A dream is: when we quit the survivalist mentality to the ‘living’ mentality. From the hoarder to the giver. From “I” to “us”. #NeverAgainNG
  36. “Everyone has a right to life, no one shall be deprived intentionally of his life, save in execution of d sentence of a court” #NeverAgainNG
  37. Titilope Sonuga [@Poeticjustweet] shares this spoken [powerful words] song on Mob Justice. Go listen #NeverAgainNG
  38. Citizen Action. Collective Responsibility. Communities not Individuals. “We” not “Me”. Let’s say NEVER AGAIN. #NeverAgainNG
  39. “That mob justice is rarely investigated, let alone punished, means implicit acceptance of the practice by state authorities” #NeverAgainNG
  40. Gave myself a new “title” in a “company” that’s in my mentality. U’re reading from the Chief Change Officer [CCO] at “We” Inc. #NeverAgainNG
  41. My primary responsibility (as CCO of “We” Inc.) is to consistently be the change I want to see in my community. #NeverAgainNG
  42. Once upon a time Rwanda said “NeverAgain”. World Bank now says it’s 2nd most imprvd nation 2 do business in “EverAgain”
  43. The best thing that’ll happen to us is d best thing we can/will do for this nation which will be the best thing for our kids. #NeverAgainNG
  44. As chairman of NJC, I will encourage internal cleansing based on petitions. -Justice Mariam Aloma Mukhtar, 11 July, 2012 #NeverAgainNG
  45. Once a law is passed, the judiciary will make sure that we deal with anyone found guilty of the offence. -CJN of Nigeria #NeverAgainNG
  46. Corruption is in every system of our society & I can’t pretend that it is not in the judiciary -Justice Mariam Aloma Mukhtar #NeverAgainNG
  47. We will work with the judiciary & the executive to ensure that there is justice, equity & honesty of purpose. -David Mark #NeverAgainNG
  48. They have been saying that we have reformed. But…we end up having more corrupt people in the service. -Alhaji Yayale Ahmed #NeverAgainNG
  49. The Nigerian tragedy again calls into question whether d black person can successfully do nation-states Prf Adebayo Williams #NeverAgainNG
  50. “ships r tired old war horses dilapidated beyond ec’mic repair…due 2 serial negligence of nat’nal security” Ola Saad Ibrahim #NeverAgainNG
  51. Iconic comedian Spike Milligan’s gravestone bears a very cryptic epitaph which has been boldly engraved: “I told u I was ill.” #NeverAgainNG
  52. Hopefully, Nigeria will not be dead & buried before we do something about her illness. It’s time to give her some medication. #NeverAgainNG
  53. It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable. -Molière #NeverAgainNG
  54. One ought to examine himself for a very long time before thinking of condemning others. -Molière #NeverAgainNG
  55. Have you signed the Mob Justice Draft Bill petition? Do it NOW if that will be ur ONLY contribution.  #NeverAgainNG
  56. They were children of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; they had a RIGHT to be here. #Aluu #NeverAgainNG
  57. Make me a channel of Your peace…Where there’s despair in life, [by my actions] let me bring hope. #NeverAgainNG
  58. They stood by, they watched, they did nothing. “Every man is guilty of all the good he didn’t do” Voltaire #NeverAgainNG
  59. And so it is that we dwell on “IF” when “IF” dwells not with us…. Yours Truly. #NeverAgainNG
  60. Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices. -Voltaire #NeverAgainNG
  61.  Laws are spider webs through which the big flies pass and the little ones get caught. -Honoré de Balzac #NeverAgainNG
  62. It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it. -Albert Einstein #NeverAgainNG
  63. Do what u can. Any way u can. It doesnt have to be perfect. It just has to be done. In the best way u can do it. Thank u. #NeverAgainNG
  64. The country is very ill. 20+ students shot in cold blood. 4 students lynched. This malaise must be cured. Security reforms! #NeverAgainNG

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