The Top 5 Most Ridiculous Quotes From Nigerian Ministers. Number 4 is Epic!

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#1 The Agricultural Minister: Audu Innocent Ogbeh

“Rice is expensive because Nigerians eat too much rice.”

Let me guess Tomato was expensive because Nigerians ate too much stew?


#2 The Finance Minister: Kemi Adeosun

“Recession is a word”

Stupidity is also a word.


#3 The Sports Minister: Solomon Dalung

Athletes don’t need training to win medals … “all you need is a winning mentality and not too much preparation”

Check out Usain Bolt’s winning mentality …


#4 The Minister Of Science And Tech: Ogbonnaya Onu

“We Will Make Pencils In Nigeria By 2018”

Whoa! Pencils in 2018! By 2019 we could be doing Erasers and Sharpeners! And by 2030 we could have manufactured a Pencil with an Eraser on the end.


#5 The Minister  Of Information: Lai Mohammed

“Herdsmen move from everywhere, from Mauritius (FYI: is an Island) or anywhere. You can’t stop them.”

I did not know that cattle could swim. Talk about evolution!


NOTE: These are the ministers we waited for 6 months to get! I am just going to Dalung myself in the head with an Ogbonnaya Pencil!



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  1. Mr Faradara on said:

    so… we saw what we needed (change) paid for it., got our balance (or yu call it change) yet we haven’t got what we paid for.
    #I fear to make a wish

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