My Thoughts On Nigerian Churches

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13 comments on “My Thoughts On Nigerian Churches

  1. I totally agree with you, it’s as if the demons are not just in Nigeria but Africa and can’t cross the oceans to other places. The life here in Nigeria is not easy, people who have not gone abroad won’t understand this.

  2. True. Haven’t you heard that juju no dey cross water (as in going overseas)? Because i have, and not as a joke. Its something even people who seriously believe in it say.

  3. Victoria on said:

    Ofili I can totally relate to that. I recently moved to the Uk and at the church I attended, the level of their simplicity is amazing compared to what I was used to in Nigeria. From the dressing (mostly tshirt and jeans even d Pastor) to the timing-maximum of 1:30mins, its incredible. And sometimes they don’t announce for offerings not to talk of the 2, 3, 4 offerings we collect in Nigeria at one service, need I say more? Please when will the book be out for purchase? Also I sent you a bbm request just now.

    • Victoria abi o. Book is out in December.

      on your comment: I attend Lakewood, the church is so simple…1.5 hours and 1 offering. So simple…you leave feeling energized to take on the world and help others. O well…we will get there sha.

  4. Chidozie on said:

    Cleanliness is next to godliness they say. Can we compare our environment to there’s? I certainly can not remember having a nightmare while being a guest at a Five Star hotel say the likes of Sheraton or Eko Hotels. Let’s focus on making our environment clean a.k. a paradise, and all Demons will equally migrate to some other clime.

    • lol…good point. I was driving by PH and there was this River that they had turned into a dump…black water and just a dump. I was like…cmon people…keep the River clean….keep the roads clean…keep things clean and we will feel better about ourselves and about the country.

  5. I believe our problem in Nigeria is that we apportion too much power to the devil and will rather pray & fast 24/7 and expect God to do things for us that we could possible do with the brain He gave to us.

    Kind of like how people will rather ask @Gidi_Traffic for traffic suggestions rather than scroll thru the timeline first or ask a question that could easily be checked on Google first. Sad really.

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  6. LOL… na wa O… I shall say nothing thO… I don’t mind as much as 3-4 hours a Sunday for service tho.. In as much as I’ve got something to learn all that time… And like my pastor usually says, with the amount of devils you’ve been exposed to during the week, you def need some time in church to really purge yourself clean. LOL…
    Nice one Ofili

  7. LoL. The same thing I complain about. But you’ve got to admit it, Nigerians are not simple people. We thrive in unnecessary complexities we tie ourselves deeper and deeper into and we blame the devil for putting us in a fix and pray for God to miraculously weave us out.

    Clearly we still see God in the same way our fathers saw Amadioha, Sango and the likes.
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  8. The devil and his legion of demons must not like the arrangement overseas. Either that or God and his angels work better overseas.

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