This Is My Thesis But I Am Not Sticking To It

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First_Class_Thesis_Monster2012-02-19A thesis is a statement that takes a “unique” and sometimes “not so unique” stance on an issue.

However, that is the easy part … because a thesis has to be proven. Proven with research, data, facts and logical thinking.

But the problem sometimes with proving the Thesis … is that same research, data, facts and logical thinking can often disprove them rather than validate them. As the thesis owner you can do two things … ignore those contradicting facts or change your thesis completely. But sometimes its too late to change the thesis!

Because your paper is due tomorrow, your blog article needs to come out so you can watching funny vines or you need to win that Facebook argument even though you know your original argument/thesis makes no sense. So rather than changing the thesis we ignore the contradicting facts/data and instead focus on the ones that support our arguments. That is society!

You see at child-birth we are all given a series of thesis. We get it from our initial interaction with parents, from the media, from our pastors, from interacting with friends … everyone is handing them out like candy on a Halloween night. We don’t develop our own thesis because we are too young so we have to take what we get.

But as we grow older we start to experience the world, the world challenges our original thesis with facts, data and practical experience … like when the neighborhood dog chased you even though your friends said all dogs were cute. Or when that political party your parents swore was evil turns out to be not so evil.

Day in day out our thesis will be challenged but as always we have options … the first is to defend our thesis no matter what the world shows us or the second is to change our thesis based on what the world has shown us. The reality is that most people operate with the first option … that is defending their thesis no matter what! Only a few are able to change their thesis …

The first set of people are typically extremists … as their viewpoints never waver no matter what happens around them … but the second set are flexible in their thinking, they are more interested in supporting the facts than supporting a thesis.

You would know if you are in the first set if you have never changed a major political, philosophical or religious view-point in the last couple of years. And I am here to tell you that if you are in the first set, then you need to start looking at your viewpoints more objectively because if we have more people in the second set we (society) might end up having much more intelligent discussions and debates about life!

This is my thesis … but I am not sticking to it!

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17 comments on “This Is My Thesis But I Am Not Sticking To It

  1. Thesis is that we need both groups. The extremists keeping a balance for the ideologists. If everyone rejected the original thesis, we might not necessarily have a better world. We could, but we might not. Key is to give each other space and understanding to operate.

    • I hear you sha. But me I disagree. Extremists that I have met don’t reason and because they are such a large population (using America as an example) shit does not get done. How else can you explain the fact that millions of people are locked up in America for smoking weed, yet rappers boast about it on TV. Sounds silly. But nothing will get done. Because extremists control politicians and politicians control the law.
      Okechukwu Ofili latest post is Why I Am Disappointed In #APC And Their Zero #Buhari Debates My Profile

  2. this is my first time of commenting on this blog. this article is just absolutely lovely and true. I just wish sometimes that we can look at things from practical point of view instead of this is how we have been doing it. I guess this is the only way that we can move forward as a nation. I have started questioning and rejecting my thesis too and my mother feels she has failed because I am not sticking to half of my thesis

  3. I’m in the second set. I’m flexible over everything but never would I be for gay rights. Of course gays have a right to live and associate. But I would never support same sex unions. They can date and maybe have a partnership but not with the same rights as a legally defined married couple. Man and woman is the definition period. Sorry. I’ve. Just been comin across this gay shit of late thus…

  4. Well done!! I really like this post for it dares us to think for ourselves. For those who refuse to think end up being subject to other people’s thoughts and fighting other’s people’s causes.

  5. @ Louis, used to be homophobic too until I realize that saying people can’t date members of the same sex is like infringing on their basic human right. right to life, freedom and pursuit of happiness. people should be free to mate with who or whatever they want. I respect ur opinion though. #my latest thesis

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