The Truth Shall Set You Free, Except In Nigeria

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play-stone-1744790_960_720The truth shall set you free, except in Nigeria where the Truth does not set you free. Rather, it imprisons you physically, emotionally and mentally.

You see Nigeria my country does not dwell in truth or half truths. We dwell in full big and complete lies.

The real truth is that lies set you free in Nigeria, free from your obligation to tell the truth about a country living in denial about its reality.

So don’t go and form Oyinbo and be yanning the truth anyhow … check your passport.

The truth will get you locked up in jail and if you manage to dodge jail, the truth will lock up opportunities…

You will wonder why the promotion is not coming, why the contract is not coming, why they are not picking your calls, the issue is that your mouth smells of the truth.

And the truth is not what Nigerians like to smell.

Tell us lies, sweet lies … lies from the pulpit, from the campaign trails, from the classrooms, lie to us until we lie with you.

That’s the truth about Nigeria.


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5 comments on “The Truth Shall Set You Free, Except In Nigeria

  1. GeraldBond on said:

    Truthful write up about the Nigerian lie.. .
    “Tell a lie and the truth will set u free” is an awkward cliche that I have coined out about my dear Nigeria…
    Sad state.. .
    SpiritMan Speaks

  2. That’s the truth indeed but we shouldn’t refrain from telling the truth. If we all start telling the truth little by little then one day the truth would set us free.

  3. You are in my head Ofili. My exact thoughts are what you have published.
    But you didn’t encourage those who have resolved to live by the truth irrespective of the outcome.

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