The Problem with Motivation

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Screw motivation.

It’s a fickle and unreliable little state that isn’t worth your time. Better to cultivate discipline than to rely on motivation. Force yourself to do things, to get out of bed, to go the gym, to work harder and smarter; force yourself to do stuff when you don’t feel like doing anything.

Motivation is fleeting, and it’s easy to rely on because it requires no concentrated effort to get. Motivation comes to you, you don’t even have to chase after it.

Discipline is reliable; motivation is momentary. The real question isn’t how to keep yourself motivated, it’s how to train yourself to work without it.

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7 comments on “The Problem with Motivation

  1. Hi Ofili. I came to look for this article because one of my readers mentioned it on my blog post about my word for 2016, which happens to be ‘DISCIPLINE.’ I think this would be a great addition for my weekly Lovely Links post on Friday.

    Happy New Year.
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  2. I do not totally agree o (but I am open to further clarification tho’).

    FIRSTLY, i think the word, ‘Motivation’ has been misused as it involves the act giving someone/ yasef a reason for doing

    I THINK:

    1. many things are left undone because we have no solid reason why they should be done (no motivation).

    2. procrastination is as the result of lack of motivation.

    3. motivation and discipline go hand in hand…. MOTIVATION is a MIND thing, it is the reason ‘why’ i want *that thing*
    DISCIPLINE is more like a MUSCLE/ Action thing, it relates to the ‘how’.
    it is me pushing through the resistance that may arise.

    4. MOTIVATION is only momentary if it is not of oneself. Self-motivation is the best kind…likeWise Discipline.

    “The only discipline that lasts is self-
    discipline.” – Bum Phillips.

    5. Forcing yourself to do things, to get out of bed, to go to the gym, to work harder and smarter, to do stuff when you don’t feel like doing anything (DISCIPLINE) can only exist if you have given yasef a *reason* Why (MOTIVATION).


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