The Most Valuable Part Of Your Phone Is Not Your Phone

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Most people purchase rubber cases to protect their phones against falls, transparent covers to protect the screen against scratches and in some cases product warranties to replace the phone in case of theft. New technology now even allows you to track your phones when stolen or lost from a remote location! The irony however is that for an entrepreneur, the most valuable part of your phone is not the phone itself but rather the contacts on the phone.


If people spent half as much time as they did protecting their phones contact list as they did protecting the phone…they would see a serious growth in their network. But instead they get distracted by the materialistic value of their phones and forget the value of a strong and large network.


For the past 10 years I have been backing up my phones data on multiple platforms, my computer, an external hard drive, pieces of paper and even my email account. Over the course of those 10 years my contact list has grown to over 3000 contacts and has remained. However, my phones have not, some of them have fallen into water, some just stopped working and some were let go simply because a bigger and better thief had walked by phone had come out. But because my contact list is always backed up and thus grown in size I have been able to meet the most amazing people and make connections with people that I would ordinarily have forgotten about. And in the midst of the thousands of calls I have made over the years…I am yet to meet anyone on the receiving end of the call that remarks at how amazing the phone I am calling with is…instead they are interested in the content of the phone call itself! Don’t get distracted by the awesomeness of your phone but rather by the awesomeness of the contacts on your phone…do all you can to protect those contacts!



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9 comments on “The Most Valuable Part Of Your Phone Is Not Your Phone

  1. Francex on said:

    My own phone is awesome not bcos of d fone nor d contacts( i have a diary bckup of all my contacts so…) buh bcos of its awesome apps-most important of all,my iBooks nd games….lol!

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Hey Fracex! You’re meant to agree with the blog post…lol…feel ya though. Sometimes angry birds is the most important thing to me.

  2. Sola on said:

    For me, it’s got to be my songs & pictures… Contacts I can always retrieve. I back up everything but I’d be most hit if my songs & pictures were never recovered… Pictures especially!

  3. Imade Bazuaye on said:

    The most important thing about my phone is everything about the phone. I am somebody who love to use a smart phone because it come handy and helps me to accoomplish anything and everything on the go. My contacts is as well important
    as my media, files and documents, it becomes the reason i can accomplish a task even while taking and walk and trying to think, it is the reason i can be anywhere in the world with just a single click. Infact, everything about my phone is important to me about my phone.

  4. Temmy on said:

    So true…..I remember d very time my phone was stolen, i cried like i had lost more than just a phone. My phone was just more than a phone, it was my mp3, diary, calender,….etc

  5. Adrian on said:

    dear teacher, you hit it right….
    You see most people don’t know the important of thier phone contact, even peoples contact address to be precise. E.g leaving the town on a visits a brother in the city, on arrival, you found out that the address you had, he no longer stay again. You feel so bittered, angry, frustated and even irritated. I strongly agree to that the most important part of a phone is not the phone, but the Contact. Just a quick one Pls where can i get your books from thanks. Adrian

  6. I always pride myself with the fact that virtually 99% of all my contacts, since when I started using a phone almost 9 years ago, have remained. Except the ones I chose to delete. you know…. some people just fall out of favour. First it was my sim cards, then I moved briefly to my PC. but now i thrive on Google Contacts auto-sync. I almost cannot live without it. And I will never buy a new phone that won’t let me sync Google Contacts
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