The Magic Christmas Socks

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I have a secret…I hate Christmas I hate the long lines…the crowded malls and the annoying cold (yankee) or dry (naija) weather. Most of all I hate the fact that Santa Claus does not exist. Like seriously I won’t mind a brand new Ipad 3 down my chimney…but sadly there are no chimneys in Nigeria so I guess my ipad 3 ain’t coming. Sadly abi Ironically, there was a time when I believed Santa Claus existed and that magical items could appear in socks.

It was December 24th, the night before christmas in Lagos. I was about 10 years old…my Mum had convinced tricked us (my 2 brothers and I) into believing that Santa Claus existed. But we had our doubts…she said that if we put our socks out, that Santa Claus not Father Christmas sef…will put gifts in our socks. But we needed to use magical socks, not just any sock. So she gave each of us 2 flat pieces of cloth in the shape of socks, she made us decorate the socks with crayons and pencils and then helped us sew them up.

She then placed the completed socks under a place that for the life of me I can’t remember. I just knew she hung them up. She said that at night Santa Claus would come down and put gifts in the socks. We all wanted to see Santa so we stayed up late..we wondered how he would find our socks and if he would have enough time to visit all the kids on the street. But we never saw Santa Claus…we searched everywhere. We stared at the Socks but nothing. Eventually tired from waiting we fell asleep.

But when we woke up, each of us had a gift in our socks. I received a digital watching, green and black, with rubber straps. Nothings spectacular, but I remembered it, because Santa Claus had put it in the socks….we were sad that we did not see Santa, but happy that we got his gifts. For a brief moment, I believed in the magic of Christmas. I created a sock, decorated it, sewed it and stayed up longer than I ever had just to catch a glimpse of Santa…

That’s how business is sometimes…especially as entrepreneurs. Our visions seem like dreams, we can’t see how we can do it or how it would work. Fortunately we have rational friends that tell us why or why not our ideas, won’t work. They weigh all the sides…the pros and the cons. But then you have those magical people, who for some crazy reason believe in our dreams, even though it feels Santa Clausy…they tell us we can create a company worth millions of dollars, that we can change the world.

The thing is that sometimes what they say are as exaggerated as Santa Claus existing…but it pushes us to stay up just a bit longer, working on that business proposal. And just to stay up a bit longer working on that book chapter or that business dream. They make us work while others sleep as we search for our own Santa Claus magic.

It is that hope to find magic that pushes us to do the impossible…here’s hoping that you find your magic in 2013!

PS: And thanks Mum and Dad for giving us that memory…your Christmas gifts probably won’t fit a sock =D

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10 comments on “The Magic Christmas Socks

  1. Recently my daughter’s first milk tooth came off and she put it under her pillow expecting the tooth fairy- I was her tooth fairy. Today my sock is up, and I’m certain that my gift will show up anywhichway cos I’m working hard. Thanks for this article.

  2. Praisescribe on said:

    I just got a hold of your book – How Stupidity Saved My Life and came to your website. I am quite intrigued by the person that you have become in the midst of negativism. I read the Santa Claus article laughed and decided to share.

    I believed in Santa so badly that i actually hung up a sock. But nobody said a word about magic socks, neither did my parents believe in fairy tales to persuade me to believe in Santa or even help fuel the overactive imagination of 12 year old girl. I guess they figured that if i didn’t get anything from the product of someone else’s overactive imagination that it might help screw my head on right.

    Today, I am torn between telling my kids fairy tales or just help make their dreams come true. I’ll choose the latter with lots of imagination and creativity. We ain’t got chimneys and we ain’t got snow, so how in the world is he gonna come, as a bedouin with gift laden camel in a sand storm? Here have a banana.

    Thanks for being you.

    • Ofili

      Wow…thanks so much for your sweet words…I am touched.

      I would say fairy tales are needed to grow their imagination, also we can’t make their dreams come through, but we can help make it easier for it to come true. By showing them love and affection from time to time.

  3. Anastasiya on said:

    Really like this article!
    So inspiring and motivational.. Although can’t remember any nice moments from childhood..all thoughts are about work =/
    It made me think of people who are dare to me and everyday magic we usually forget about, being so official and pragmatic..

    Thanks, there’s true magic in the things some people do. And thanks, you’re definately amongst these people, Ofili! I wish you every success in your inceptions =)

    • Ofili

      Thanks a lot Anastasiya…appreciate the words. We’ll keep working on our magic…I am sure we will all get there eventually. Keep rocking and stay warm…

  4. I love how you use little every day things totteach us profound life lessons.
    Thank you too for the okada…lol
    I know 2013 is almost gone but I am convinced that I would find my magic in the year ahead.
    Bless you ofili.
    And imperfectly perfect Fran thanks for leading me here.

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