The Danger Of Being Too Cool

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I remember then, the story of a boy in secondary school who, after listening to a CD disc, tried to turn it over so that he could listen to the other side. When he did that, everybody in the room laughed and called him “razz”…how could anyone possibly think of turning over a CD to listen to the other side? Everybody knew that only one side of the CD player could be played. After all that was what we were taught, that was what the cool kids knew.

But in March 2004 a group of record companies including MJJ Productions Inc. and EMI Music developed a dual CD disc that could be played on…guess what…both sides. What was laughed at in 1999 in a small room in Lagos was heralded as a ground-breaking discovery in March of 2004 in America!

Irony? I would say so…because the uncool razz boy as we would have called him…had actually thought of something revolutionary, but instead of being congratulated or encouraged he was mocked. How many times does this happen across our nation? In my opinion, I would say far too many times. We have to put a stop to that, instead of laughing, we should say, “hmmm, that is an interesting idea…why can’t the other side of a CD be played?” But we are too cool for that, so we laugh…repeating the same old mistake of not looking past the current reality or pushing the barriers.

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This entry is an excerpt from the upcoming book How Intelligence Kills: A Critical Look At Our Dangerous Addiction To Religion, Intelligence and Respect.


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24 comments on “The Danger Of Being Too Cool

  1. Austine Da Whizchap on said:

    I simply can’t agree any less. True talk Bro. So looking forward to the yet-to-be released book. Thanks.

  2. WoW!!! this is definitely spot on! Thanks for consistently inspiring introspective thought. Can’t wait for the book to be released. Please, get around to editing it already. LOL.

  3. Dazzling lizzy on said:

    True talk! Things we laugh at today n think they are odd should inspire us to make it happen. Waiting for ur nxt book.

  4. tochi on said:

    You are correct my brother. Your style of writing is simply awesome. You are doing a great job! Thank you for the youtube link to Jide Olanrewaju’s documentary. I got it from your bellanaija page 🙂

  5. Moses Segun Oguande on said:

    Hmm thnx 4 this…interesting and cool as usual…. I remember coming out of the “usual” frustrating Lagos hold -up some years ago, and mentioning the idea of a flying vehicle to some pple, just to escape the short distance hold-ups, but the reaction(s)/response(s) I got was ” haaa! accident! is that possible?…”eeeepaa!” : ) ….etc” well I just smiled when CNNscience tech NEWS announced the 1st prototype of a flying bike(car coming soon :)) yesterday. I think we should simply embrace new possibilities and look beyond our current reality not just in science but also in other areas of life where our creative genius can be stimulated. As u rightly stated we should avoid “repeating the same old mistake of not looking past the current reality or pushing the barriers.” …I hope we wake up oo

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Ah…Segun thanks for your comment. I think the idea you brought up is very valid and even if it does not conceptualize in its exact form it allows other ideas to grow. For instance, if we can’t fly, can we do tunnels? stuff like that. THat is why ideas should never be mocked. Cause you never know.

  6. Fantasic piece.
    Funny, you are one of the rare people who’s article hit my mailbox and I’m tempted to follow the link in order to read it through. And every time you always make plenty sense.
    Simple, awesome, thought provoking.

  7. My thoughts exactly Ofili. We have built negativity and pessimism into our minds, right from our childhood-from friends, neighbours, parents, teachers, everyone! We really have to stop this else we’ll never become first world…

  8. Dear Okey, how market?
    I feel guilty that I’m commenting on only this one blog after reading several (which is inevitable since your blogs are dipped in iyabasira sauce)
    I have to state very clearly that it is unfair and ‘unsomethingelse’ in several languages to be as talented in thought expression and word craft as you are.

    We both must synchronize our childbirths so we can dominate the next age through our offspring.

    Hee..hay..hay..ha..ha..ha! *evil laugh*

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