The Suya Between My Teeth

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I rushed into the hotel lobby half out of breath. I was late for my appointment!

This was my chance to pitch okadabooks but sadly my morning work meeting had run over and Lagos traffic did not help matters. I walked jumped into the elevator and even that was moving too slow for my liking.

On paper the event was to start at 12:00 and end at 1:30 pm…and it was already 1:16 pm! Would African time save me?

Sadly the answer was NO!

The event unlike your typical African event was over before the stipulated finish time. I knew this because the guy munching Suya and packing left-overs had told me so. On normal occasions Suya would have made me laugh and dance, but this was no normal occasion. I might have just blown my chance to meet with her…the Head Event and Sponsorship’s lady of big telecom.

I walked around the lounge where the remnants of people spilled over from the meeting room now gathered … networking with each other as well as the food Suya. I walked all over the room, looking for her, but with no success.

I had almost given up when I saw a lady bunched up in the middle of 2 men. I had finally found her … I was relieved all was not lost. Now I could face the Suya but I had to eat it with one eye on the Suya and the other eye on her. But the Suya was so good that I lost my focus and before I realized it she had disappeared again!

I jumped up to search for her again, forgetting to pull the shred of Suya wedged between my teeth (I will later come to regret that) when we found each other. I extended my hand to shake her, when she said, “this is the okadabooks guy.” That’s when I noticed the two men around her … the same two men that surrounded her the last time. Somehow in my excitement I had not seen them.

But now one of them was in my face … talking about how much he loved okadabooks.

“I love your company and what you guys do. It just makes sense I mean telecom, books and okadabooks, its a no-brainer … We can’t wait to work with you guys.”

I tried to talk, but the Suya in my teeth kept reminding me that it was there in my teeth ready to embarrass me. So my mouth motion was limited, I whimpered some stuff like “that’s great” and “uh huh.”

And then just as they were about to move on, I realized that I had no idea who this guy was. So forgetting the Suya I asked “By the way, who are you?”

He laughed. That sort of laugh you get when you should know something and you don’t. And his response…it was epic.

“I am the CEO of Etisalat.”


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Author: Ofili

Words by Okechukwu Ofili of
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Read his crazy titled books on konga or okadabooks
Feed his children at…no wait he has no kids…. 

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  1. That can’t be the end! (I’m a sucker for happy endings). I’m waiting for the part 2 where you talk about how they called you back. And I really don’t think it matters that you don’t know the CEO on sight. Plus he really loves okadabooks, so that should count for something.

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