Subsidize My Kidney #FuelSubsidy

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Its 2012, you just came back from the Christmas holidays in the abroad. You go in to visit the Doctor to review your medical results from last years routine check up.

But it’s bad news!

The Doctor tell’s you that you need to remove one of your kidney’s because its cancerous and spreading. In fact the cancer has literally ballooned over the past years.

But you tell him that you won’t remove it, because you don’t trust him. You believe that he will try and sell it illegally on the Black Market. Plus the Medical Student standing behind the Doctor cannot see the cancer in the x-ray films, to him the Cancer does not exist!

And besides you will rather have 2 functioning kidneys regulating your blood versus just one. I mean why should your blood not get the luxury of dual regulation! Its your right, after all you own your kidney!

But then 4 years later, the cancer has spread to both your kidneys. Things are much worse, you are getting weaker and can barely move. Your blood waste levels are rising higher and higher.

Your new Doctor (ex-Medical student turned Doctor) says you now need to remove both kidneys and go on a dialysis machine or you may will die.

But there is good news! Hopefully within 2-3 years you should be able to get a replacement kidney from China, you just have to manage the suffering and pain for a few years.

You allow him perform the surgery … so they yank out both kidneys. Its okay, after all you don’t need your kidneys anymore, the cancer has screwed them all up, removing them won’t make a difference you theorize.

So with both your kidneys ripped out … you can barely function, you are tired and breathless, you breath smells like Ammonia and shit mixed together.

But with your very last energy you turn to your new Doctor the very same one that 4 years ago did not believe the cancer existed and thank him for the courageous decision to pull out your 2 kidneys!

But then the light goes out, you are alone in the Dark and that’s when a sudden realization hits you … and that is this:

if you had removed your single cancerous kidney 4 years ago you will not have to be strapped to a machine and you will not need to wait 2-3 years for a transplant from China.

But your pride, your pride would never allow you admit your mistake … #KidneySubsidy

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Author: Ofili

Words by Okechukwu Ofili of
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12 comments on “Subsidize My Kidney #FuelSubsidy

  1. mr faradara on said:

    Thumbs up Mr Ofili., I believe its not just the ego., but the failure to always admit wrongs and face the reality. The student at the back of the door was theorizing, he haven’t had a feel of practicalisation of medical…(sic). Its always easy to talk from afar., to suggest, give opinions., but when you face the reality, it becomes a different ball game.
    The two kidneys are gone now and the old docs are laughing at how folly has brought us down. But dont forget that the chemists (friends to the medical doc) are also responsible for the way we used our kidneys…

    • Good points Mr Faradara. You even saw things I had not seen in the article…

      Its easy to not see things or over simplify things when you are not practicing.

      And yes, the “friends to the medical doctor” are also responsible for the way we used our kidneys. Well said and written.
      Okechukwu Ofili latest post is Subsidize My Kidney #FuelSubsidyMy Profile

  2. Sydney on said:

    Mr Ofili, your analogy is wrong. They was no APC as @ the time of #OccupyNigeria. As an individual, i totally supported fuel subsidy removal, and i didn’t understand why peeps that should know better like you were against it. A leader must learn to take hard, unpopular decisions as long as it is for the long term good of d people. it doesn’t matter if that decision will cost ur popularity, or the next election. Don’t blame Dr Jonathan’s inability to take hard decisions on the crowd. Subsidy removal was a great idea, wrongly timed and implemented by Jonathan. The Jonathan regime was the best time to remove it, and now is the next best time.
    Please let’s join hands to support our government.
    Best wishes

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      “Mr Ofili, your analogy is wrong. They was no APC as @ the time of #OccupyNigeria.”

      That’s not true. Although APC did not exist, CPC and ACN existed and both parties disagreed with the removal largely.

      “Subsidy removal was a great idea, wrongly timed and implemented by Jonathan.”

      It was not wrongly timed. It was actually several years too late, subsidies should have been removed years before.

      “let’s join hands to support our government.”

      No one is saying don’t support the government. All the article shows is the hypocrisy. As I always say … “I support fuel subsidy removal, but I don’t support hypocrisy.”

  3. Christian chinedu on said:

    Humility is not an important character of great leaders. Jonathan was not assertive nor firm enough as a leader. Yes, Buhari and his APC never supported subsidy removal. He is here now, it is a tough decision to make, and he has made it. Enough of the blame game. Every sane mind know that deregulation is the way to go.

    • Tolu on said:

      Has he really made the decision to deregulate? Because the explanation from the vice president and all facts point to a price increase to encourage more people get forex to import fuel rather deregulation.

      You don’t deregulate a bit yet set prices at 135-145 naira. It also not clear if subsidies have been removed i.e. what happens when oil prices rise and naira falls which is happening due to falling supply concerns from nigeria. The 145 naira was calculated based on a certain forex rate and oil price.

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