Stop Waiting For A Special Sign and Just Get Shit Done

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7 years ago, I was dillydallying about being a speaker, waiting for God to give me a special sign like a burning book that was not consumed by the flames or a star in the east pointing me to the direction of a special mentor.

I waited and waited but I could not see any sign.

Until my brother said, “stop waiting! Just call yourself a speaker, get yourself a website, take a picture and act like a speaker!”

And that was it … he said “shit” somewhere I think … but his words were what brought me on a dope journey as a speaker/engineer/writer/trainer/everything. There was no key sign or sudden revelation. Just my brother telling me over the phone to start getting shit done.

So if you are reading this … stop reading it and go get shit done!


Author: Ofili

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3 comments on “Stop Waiting For A Special Sign and Just Get Shit Done

  1. GeraldBond on said:

    So if you are reading this … stop reading it and go get shit done!….
    If only u wrote tis part at the beginning Eh, I would have taken the advice and closed tis tab.. .
    Good inspirational lil write up though.. ..
    Continue to craze wit pride Ofili…
    SpiritMan speaks.. .

  2. I was with Esther “Bliss” Raphael, Solomon, and Walter Samuel at Net Cafe Jos. Walter Samuel said something,

    “MIRACLES are CREATED”, he went further to say “People create their experiences”.

    In other words, Ofili is telling me, “Go and create your miracle” or “Go and create your own experience”.
    Sam Semako latest post is Protected: Let’s Talk About QWERTY! – 5 Reasons Your Business Ideas, Product or Service May Not Be Adopted or Last Many GenerationsMy Profile

  3. Fehintolu Adebanjo on said:

    Wow! Where have you been all my life?
    Your words areally so inspiring. You need a consistent healthy dose.
    Thanks Ofili.

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