Stop Telling Lies On Behalf of God

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soldier_cryToday a picture of a young soldier crying has been making the rounds on Instagram accompanied with a powerful story.

A story about a soldier taunted by his fellow soldiers because of his love of God. A soldier who on one of those taunt sessions was forced to drive and park a Jeep. The only problem was that the soldier did not know how to drive and the Jeep did not have an engine in it.

But yet to the amazement of his fellow non-believing soldiers, he was able to drive this engine-less car and also park it … all through the strength of God. At least that’s what the story wants us to believe…

Now I am not saying God cannot pull this stunt off …  what I am saying is that the story has all the signs of a made up story pulled out from the imagination of a brilliant storyteller. For starters … the soldier’s name is unknown, the country where this happens is unknown … basically the story has no details, no proof, nothing.

In fact the story is 100% made up, a classic urban legend. But yet we spread it like wildfire to drive home a point about God being this awesome God of awesome miracles. Like God needs lies to show how amazing he is? But why? Why do we spread lies to drive home a point about God?

This same fact-less story is the same tactic used by some pastors to brainwash people, they come and tell baseless stories and claim baseless powers. And the congregation is so excited and desperate that they forget to fact check the pastors stories … instead they spread it over and over recruiting tithes people into their church!

Now I am not anti-religion or anti-church I am just anti-bullshit and I think it is high time we stop telling lies on God’s behalf. I am out!

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Author: Ofili

Words by Okechukwu Ofili of
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24 comments on “Stop Telling Lies On Behalf of God

  1. That along with “type Amen if you love God/Jesus or keep scrolling if you love Satan,” pisses me off to no end. Dafuq? Like typing Amen on a Facebook post is indicative of my love for God and hatred for satan.
    The one story that really got on my nerve was the one about a child asking the parent what he will get on his 16th birthday. By the 16th birthday, the child developed heart problems and the parent donated his heart. Just a question: what Doctor would commit murder by cutting out the parent’s heart? Hippocratic oath anyone? Ndi ara!

  2. Abi… You just lit a dead bulb in my head.

    The one I don’t like very much is the ‘pass this to 20 friends and see what God will do in your life. If you don’t, you are denying Him.’
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  3. Falola Ifeoluwa on said:

    Hahahaha….. Ofili, apt as always. This point needs to be driven deeply into our ever so religious and superstitious society. Just heard today that a certain church imposes a #4000 monthly fee on its worker members, this fee is compulsory and I think it’s total BS for a church in a school community to do so……. I don’t remember Christ saying you should pay money to church COMPULSORILY.. but, oh well ……..
    If I start, they’d say the pagan is here again.

  4. I like to see some of these stories as parables, it’s the only way I keep from giving the senders and sharers of such stories a flying kick. The most annoying ones for me are those that ask you to share a message to ten people and receive a miracle, or failure to send the message brings seven years of bad luck… wtf?
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  5. Mr faradara on said:

    Ofili i doff my hat for this piece… I really get pissed off by such messages as the one you highlighted above. Its even worse when you get it as a broadcast message from a friend or colleague you hold in high esteem. People can shock you with their stupidity and folly though.

  6. Honestly, this piece is just what we need right now. I think more people need to get their thumbs out of their a***s and wake up! For me, its pitiful that anyone would take stuff like this (type amen and be blessed or ignore and be cursed) seriously but then again, in our society, people are “desperate” for “miracles”. So help us God.

  7. You basically lifted these words off my head. The most annoying ones are still those that ask you to pass on the messages for a miracle or type Amen if you love God and if you refuse you’ll fall into a gutter on your way to work or lose your lunch money.
    The one thing i’m still finding difficult to decipher is the mentality of people that actually forward these messages.
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  8. This story seems a tad bit suspicious but I’m sure your parents told you some lies about God – or eating right, or reading your books – that you could relate with sth physical…

    Feel sorry for all of us in the world that we have become so disillusioned and faint of heart that we need to hear magnificent stories to renew (for like the one hundred-thousandth time) our faith in God.

  9. Urban myths just vex the hell out of me. Once I see many emojis on a message in a suspicious order, I don’t even bother reading. Friends know well enough not to send me such utter bs so I get them mostly from groups.

    And it’s high time we started. Just couldn’t resist

  10. Thanks for this post. God is indeed a miracle worker and doesn’t need lies to affirm his greatness. I just wish those who cook up such stories and others who threaten people with evil if they do not circulate their posts would get busy doing other things that will add value to our world.

  11. We always get into trouble when we try to ‘help’ God. If God can’t do it, may it never be done!
    Miracles are supposed to be verifiable evidences of God’s wonder working power, not fables.

  12. We always get into trouble when we try to ‘help’ God. If God can’t do it, may it never be done!
    A miracle is a verifiable evidence of God’s wonder working power, not fable.

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