Are You Killing New Clients?

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Life is extremely complex to understand and grasp, so humans spend hours simplifying everything and anything. From animals to electronics we are engrossed in categorizing and placing items into easy to organize labels. Unfortunately, we end up simplifying PEOPLE! Putting them in boxes to fit our simplistic and myopic mindset. An act that we subconsciously carry out everyday, one which kills client relationship for Entrepreneurs! To avoid losing clients, entrepreneurs have to make an effort to consciously see individuals outside the definition of what they expect and begin to see them for who they really are.

If you are able to practice this actively in your business or workplace you would begin to see your clientele grow and thrive as you would be able to connect on a personal level versus a stereotypical level. Are you working to get people outside of your box or are you still stuffing your box full with people? Think outside the box!
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