Stop Haggling

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Stop haggling with the man on the street, who runs 100’s of meters under the hot sun just so he can offer you an ice cold bottle of water even though he needs it more than you.

Stop haggling with the market woman who is struggling to make ends meet but puts up a smile to hide all her frustration.

Stop haggling with the struggling tailor who can barely get through her work-load but can’t increase her prices because she is afraid of losing people like you…the whining customers who haggle over things as little as N200.00.

Stop haggling with hard-working people.

Instead pay them extra if you can and watch them light up with smiles. And if you are broke, pay them with your words of encouragement, it has a similar effect.

But whatever you do, just stop haggling with hard-working people. The ones on the straight and narrow part, the ones who choose hard work over begging. Don’t rob them with your haggling …

Because one day they might rob you in your house or on the street. And then, there will be no time for haggling!


twitterWritten by Okechukwu Ofili of
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Author: Ofili

Words by Okechukwu Ofili of
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11 comments on “Stop Haggling

  1. Mama Mia on said:

    I find it ironic that people who pay ridiculously exorbitant amounts for items in a mall or supermarket will bargain with roadside sellers as if their lives depended on it. Penny wise, pound foolish, I would say. You cannot fathom the number of thank-yous and God-bless-yous you will receive because of a hundred or two hundred naira balance that you probably do not need. Thank GOD, I stopped that stupid behaviour a long time ago.

  2. So true ofili. But sometimes it takes you to be on the other side to understand what it takes to provide those goods and services. Most people will not understand it unless they have practically done these jobs. Eventually they learn to treat these people better

  3. Made sense
    But there are two sides to the coin:
    The guy who sells bottled water that runs away with your change or gives you bad money as soon as bus starts to speed off

    The tailor who sews rubbish and waste your material, time and money wasted

    The market woman who cheats,putting good tomatoes on top and beneath are rotten ones
    I would say wisdom and empathy is applicable in all scenarios

  4. Olajumoke Bello on said:

    Well said Diddie. I guess we just need to balance it up. For the good tailors, market women and all other hard working people we happen to meet amongst the bad eggs, we should learn to encourage and appreciate them for their good work. We allsshould also learn to tip appropriately. But I have got one question for you Ofilispeaks, if we are not meant to haggle with these people and we cannot haggle at
    supermarkets, who are we meant to haggle

    • Ofili

      The people trying to rip you off. The shabby workers that want to charge you a premium for shabbiness. But if a persons work is legit and price legit, no need to haggle.

  5. The day I came across an article like this one is the day I stopped haggling prices with those hardworking roadside sellers. That doesn’t mean I don’t price their ‘market’ though, but it’s important to pay them the money they really deserve.
    Thanks for this.
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