So I Entered a Gay Argument Today #loveWins

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174712-rainbow-computer-blasts-guy-at-wskhSo I entered a gay argument today…

One person said homosexuality was a mental disorder, another said it was spiritual oppression and yet another said it was due to gays being abused as a child …

There were Christians, Muslims and Atheists in that room but somehow all agreed on this one point and that was homosexuality was EVIL!

You see there’s nothing that brings Nigerians together more than bashing homosexuality. While I understand the difficulty in accepting it in such a conservative nation as Nigeria …

I often just wish we used that same energy and unity to fight child marriage, domestic violence, child abuse, rape and other shit that we choose to ignore!

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15 comments on “So I Entered a Gay Argument Today #loveWins

  1. Omee on said:

    Hi, i agree with you on focusing on more important issues of ending power cuts, poverty, drug abuse and wars. That is why i am vexed at America. Its not my business and my opinion might not affect them. Its just pure amebo and gbegborun.
    Being homosexual is nothing new, i just dont see why it should be priority. As great as America is, if they use this energy of rainbow activity to fight say; drug abuse and addictions and trade in around their country, or trade in light weapons, or just war, the country and world would be a better place. I dont hate homosexuals, i just dont want it becoming Legal. The consequences are grave. We distort reality and then bestiality, pedophilia, incest and other deviant sexual acts can creep in.
    A society must set limits. Its what keeps the group sane. People would try to Cross, but the rules are important.
    I hope you understand this rant sha.

  2. yemi on said:

    Well, you have said it all that all consider homosexuality as being evil. There shouldn’t be any more debate on this traffic generating move. Also, is clear now that Nigerians want a better Nigeria where things works, a Nigeria where we don’t have to school in morally confused US and come back to struggle and defend immoral stance. A lot of us are channeling our might in whatever capacity to achieving that. However some retards are still sarcastic on their blogs. God bless Nigeria #NoToHomosexualityInNigeria

  3. Olayemi on said:

    I disagree with the statement “…there’s nothing that brings Nigerians together more than bashing homosexuality.” By far, football/soccer will ranker way higher.

    Re the sexual orientation debate, it is clear where Nigerians stand. That does not mean we do not have homosexuals in Nigeria but I actually think an average Nigerian cannot be bothered because he/she is still looking for a decent life – good shelter, electricity, security etc. The discussions on homosexuality only come up when the 1% that have had significant exposure to the western world start talking about it.

  4. Well, I saw a picture on Facebook yesterday where symbolic Jesus in movies is depicted as being gay with references to homosexuality. I went beserk literally, reposted on my personal account, aired my views and left the rest. The rest? I do agree with Ofili that this topic has caused a lot of ayes and nays and everything else in between.
    Would be cool to have this same passion utilised in other areas other than homosexuality.

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      I don’t agree with people disrespecting Jesus or Christianity. That is a sad part of this whole LGBT issue, is that some people think it is an avenue to mock religion.

  5. Opeyemi on said:

    True talk. .I’m indifferent about the whole homosexuality thing but Nigerians should concentrate their energies on the other issues you mentioned

  6. Chima on said:

    This is right on point. We waste time and energy on irrelevant matters while important issues like nation biulding and governance are neglected

  7. Quinn on said:

    well my opinion is that first of all, being homosexual is as natural as being born straight, or with albinism or as a dwarf or with alopecia or with aulterism. Research has not shown any factor that produces such particular behaviour, and no it is not a choice. now this is a true story. I have a friend in my university who is a devoted Christian and quite intelligent in school. I don’t know why but he revealed to me that he is homosexual and he often feels depressed and condemned because he feels God hates this. now I say I believe God loves us all equally and we are saved by Grace and not by works. Nobody is so perfect in deeds enough to go to heaven. We have to get closer to God to get this grace. So people should stop killing themselves over perceived imperfections and move on. It will get you depressed. Now to me such matters as homosexuality are not matters of trivialities because they are part of the society as well. but of course not of utmost priority. Though I believe the Nigerian government is not mature enough to debate on such matters, because fuck it! it has not fulfilled its basic obligations. To me the USA has gotten so advanced that it can now make laws on such matters that seems trivial and ludicrous to us. I mean, considering Maslow heirachy of needs we as Nigerians are mostly still at the lower end. We neva chop!. so how can we be talking about homosexual laws, the other I was hearing something about animal rights in Nigerian and I was like. Wetin?!.

  8. Quinn on said:

    Now I don’t mean indecent frolicking about the whole place but genuine love to one partner as should be in straight marriages

  9. Quinn on said:

    about moving forward as a nation, if our leaders can’t learn to change and grow a conscience for people that are suffering, let’s try and see their flaws and do what we can as leaders of tomorrow and more importantly let’s give our children a different perspective and educate them. Honestly I don’t have much hope in my own generation but I believe my kids will be better. As ofili said is his book “how intelligence kills” Let’s empower children to be more outspoken, teach them values, give them hot water to bath in schools, revamp NYSC camps so that when they are into the larger society and they meet the horrible situation on ground change will start to emerge, because they won’t be used to such rubbish.

  10. Quinn on said:

    p.s. I forgot to mention, contrary to general belief. homosexuality is not a Western culture. its a universal thing. but i guess much attention is given on it over there. Do your research. No be “dem say…”

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