You Have A Smart Phone Stop Doing Stupid Ish With It

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You have a smart phone stop doing stupid ish with it, basically means that you have a smart phone so stop doing ish with it! Lot of people use their ultra cool blackberrys, iphones and Android phones to send senseless messages and texts all day long. While there is nothing wrong with having a little fun with your phone, what is wrong is making that the primary purpose of your device. Your device is way too powerful for stuff like “if you don’t send this to 7 people your blank will blank” or “Forward this to all your friends for a free blank-pad.” Your smart phones are smarter better than that and should be used for smart things, like creating draft entries to that blog post that you have always been meaning to write, tracking your business appointments and activities, computing business expenses or responding to emails from those important clients and lots more. Whatever you decide to do, just remember that you have a smart phone so stop doing stupid ish with ith it!



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23 comments on “You Have A Smart Phone Stop Doing Stupid Ish With It

  1. A timely piece.Smart phones are technology gifts †̥♥ us, but some if not many are misusing it.For some people it’s a class thing †̥♥ show off.Indeed,the word ‘smart’ is a testament †̥♥ the edge a smart phone gives †̥♥ the possessor.Well done for the piece again,hope it does us well.

  2. ha ha, you can’t have two masters in a home… either a smart phone and a stupid you, or a smart you and a stupid phone. Some Nigerian’s happen to be law abiding when it comes to this rule…

  3. @eBubaY on said:

    Great piece; I think FQ nailed it tho, & also ike; we’r all stuck wit d classy tot of having a phone for the fun of bin in vogue than we’re about utilising the very lil but vital functions of such smart phones

  4. david on said:

    Your absolutely right.most dumb girls jst knw how to flaunt their smart phones.They don’t knw a thing or two smart things to do their smart phones,for them its fashion sporting one.ope they learn a thing or two.

  5. david on said:

    Absolutely right.most girls think its fashion,by flaunting one smart phone or the other
    Without knowing its vital uses.ope they learn a thing or two from this write up.

  6. Jollof on said:

    I’m inspired for my next post ‘What your phone says about you’ – thx Oke! FQ – you’re on point!

  7. Temi on said:

    Finally, someone noticed! Thank you. People need to that smart phones aren’t for foolishness (only) 😀 Love the way you write

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  10. Simple yet precise. This really is an issue for most who delight only in flaunting the use of the latest device without adequately using it to full capacity. Some carry these ‘smartphones’ about and you will be startled they can only call with it. Can’t even send SMS

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