Same Shit Different Toilet

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toilet apcWelcome to 2014…the year before that election.

That election that has seen people jumping ship from PDP to APC in guise of creating a 2 party system. With each party claiming to be different from each other, but at the end of the day…they are all the same shit.

And this is simply because the reason for people joining or disjoining political parties are not driven by ideological differences. But rather by whats-in-it-for-me differences.

Everyone is aligning themselves along the party which promises them the ultimate power, the closest shot at Presidency or Ambassador or Minister of <insert one of many options>.

How do I know there are no ideological differences?

Here is how…. When the Senate recently proposed a 7 year ban on social media critics that targeted the government, where was the opposition party that differed. When ASUU was on that looooong strike, where was the opposition party that spoke out vehemently and visited Universities to expose the deplorable conditions of our universities? Where were they?

People would like to tell you they are different, that they are fighting for you, but time and time and again, they are only fighting for themselves and not the masses. So don’t be deceived by the party cloaks…biko raise the cloaks and look to see who is running. If Rotimi Amaechi for example leaves PDP for APC, he is still the same Rotimi Amaechi. So be careful, because at the end of the day it is the same shit…but just different toilets. Shine your eyes…I mean open you nose and smell shit.

Happy new year!

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23 comments on “Same Shit Different Toilet

  1. Lore Keiko on said:

    This is a question I often ask myself, why does nigeria have no guiding ideology, then I remember ohhh yeah the person who created our nation forgot to leave a manual, pricks. And our leaders for the past what 50 years have not managed to come up with one. Bigger pricks!

  2. The rate at which these politicians jump ship from PDP to APC is sickening! It just tells us where their heart is. All they care about is being part of the ruling party (or potential ruling party, in this case).

    It’s all soldier go, soldier come! The umbrella might change but it’s the same old faces that have severally failed us.

    Just wondering…If GEJ ports to APC, does that automatically make him a good candidate?
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  3. Apt and timely piece. It doesn’t fail to amuse and annoy me each time I read about and hear Nigerian youths arguing about APC or PDP. I wish they could all read this. At the end of the day, it isn’t about the party. It’s the people in the party. If in PDP they didn’t deliver, how will they deliver in APC? As Shakespeare puts it…’What is in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name smells as sweet’…bottom line: same shit, different toilet (and different name)

  4. mazi emdi on said:

    They’re all still highway robbers, jus new gang name. Nothing new.
    No fundamental ideology or value system.
    Ndi ara!

  5. Moses Segun Ogunade (M.S.O) on said:

    ‘lol’ This are really my thoughts recently. These are just few group of calibres who have been toying with the Country as a Pawn on chest Board. If any of these so-called calibres really mean well for the country, they should just stay off active Politics, and uniformly leave the platform for fresh breeds of leaders! But the question is do they really mean well ?or they wants to keep repackaging the “sh*t “and call it shiny new “sh*t””

  6. Nothing has changed, Nigerians are know to accepting shit in whatever package it may come as long as there is a lie that says “free/extra shit inside”… I know that will soon change because people are beginning to realize, not every toilet have that automatic button to wipe ya ass after a strong shitting.

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  7. I agree that it’s the people behind the cloak that really matters and irrespective of the platform, it is the ability to deliver results that will benefit the country and its people that should count. However, there are always different degrees of good and evil in people and in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man will still be king. What I am trying to say is that if Fashola for instance ports to PDP, many people would be worried. I would be because I do not expect that he will have the platform to be as effective as he has been in AC or APC.

    We have ended up with this crop of politicians and there isn’t much we can do about it. I stand to be corrected and believe me, I don’t support any party, but across the South-West states, APC seems to have a plan to make life better. A development roadmap for the region was done about a year or two ago. And there is a semblance of “trying” in those states. Let me quickly add that Amaechi was “trying” even as a PDP governor before he got entangled in the brawl with the center and few other PDP governors have also achieved some result. But the PDP platform is now tainted and floundering without noticeable control while APC is gaining momentum. Nigerians are starting to lose confidence in the party and all thing associated with it.

    Corruption will not disappear overnight; we cannot wish it away. But we want the lives of Nigerians to be better. Let’s start to see some life changing results for the ordinary man as we tackle the corruption. Remember that corruption exists everywhere but the citizens of those other countries are not necessarily eating from bins or being refused medical care for emergencies because they have not paid registration fee.

    Ultimately, APC’s strength is that it is becoming a formidable opposition (and you will agree with me, this has been non-existent since 1999) and the fact that Nigerians just want a change. Whatever the change, as long as it is a change. Not a good situation but it is useful tool for the APC.

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  9. I think you wrote this post a lil too early, kept remembering it in these days of defecting senators and house of reps members. Nigeria – a country whose people have no shame

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