She Went to the Club

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I have female friends who would show up to the club surrounded by an intimidating entourage of FEMALES and would leave surrounded the same females and would still have the audacity to call out guys for not talking to them. Non-cosmopolitian tip for single females from an over-analytical engineer:

The number of females around you in a club is inversely proportional to the number of guys talking to you at the club. ~ OFILI

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4 comments on “She Went to the Club

  1. This is so true, and I like the mathematics you got in there too. But guys also have to realise that being surrounded by females is sort of a protection mechanism we women use, in case some weirdo tries to approach us. Also, who wants to be at a club standing around on their own? what if no one approaches you? Guys stop making excuses and man up! If you see a girl you like, try and get her attention. Call me old-fashioned but that’s why you’re the man! 🙂

  2. Gech-sully on said:

    if a man wants a girl, he will go after her. Whether she is surrounded by females, angels or demons. lol.

    i like the math expression though 😉

  3. Regina on said:

    My best guess is that a female’s brain chstiemry is different from a male’s. I say this because women produce more estrogen and less testosterone.If someone can somehow decipher male vs. female thought parts with any accuracy, I suspect there’ll be a lot more healthy relationships and they’ll become extremely wealthy lol

  4. temiDAVIDS on said:

    well as much as i’m aware of d striking difference(s) in both the male and female ‘make ups’,i still believe in ofili’s-let lay down this guard thing.hmmm!…just writing….lol.

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