Do Any Of These Scream At You?

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As always I am dependent on you (supporters, fans, friends and all those making my dream come true) for feedback on the different projects I am engaged in. Recently, I began work a new project, a book cover design for my next book “How Laziness Saved My Life” as well as the redesign for my first “How Stupidity Saved My Life.”

There are 2 options for each book, can you tell me what you think about them and which of them you like the most and why (I would really love to hear the why).

NOTE: These are highly unedited so don’t stress on the little details, I just want a general feel as to whether this will SCREAM at you from the book shelf.

How Stupidity Saved My Life OPTION A

How Stupidity Saved My Life OPTION B

How Laziness Saved My Life OPTION C

How Laziness Saved My Life OPTION D


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10 comments on “Do Any Of These Scream At You?

  1. Tosin Otitoju on said:

    They’re OK.  Most people like faces, I’m not a fan of faces; I like poses better, and abstraction, and colours.  So NOT B, NOT D.  But I mean, I’d read whatever.

  2. Talkovert on said:

    Option B for stupidity, because, really, how many pencils can you sharpen at a time and without seeing the title of the book, the picture screams ‘STUPID!!!’

    Option C for laziness, i think it helps that we can see the surroundings littered with obvious laziness.

  3. Miss Jade on said:

    hwdy. sure you must av decided on which one by now… but option B is wow for stupidity…raised eyebrows and all the pencils “define” stupidity. option c for laziness. the color combo is striking too.

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