Rich People Are Not Evil

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From the occupy wall street movement to our daily lives, the word is out that RICH people are evil…that somehow they have connived to make people poor through greed and deception. And this is hard to dispute, after all we have people like Bernie Madoff and Martha Stewart who have used deception to trick people out of their money. Even religious leaders are not spared, we have people who preach the gospel of help and fly around in private jets as their congregations suffer. But I beg to ask the question, what is wrong with RICH people spending their money on themselves? Especially if they acquired their wealth through legit means? For every Bernie Madoff there is a Bill Gates…for every private jetting mega-church pastor there is a generous/humble philantropist. You see the problem has never been about the wealth or richness but rather the people. My mentor James Malinchak says it best “If you are evil and you get a lot of money, you will simply become more evil, however is you are kind and you acquire a lot of wealth you will have a larger avenue to show kindness.” It is never about the money but rather the people…”Rich people are not evil, but rather, evil people are evil.” So don’t ever feel bad for accumulating wealth, especially if you acquire it through hard-work and integrity.

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