The Revolution Has No Tribe

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This week I passed through 3 Nigerian cities in the space of 24 hours!

It started with a 10:00 am flight from Port-Harcourt to Abuja  and then a 7:00am flight from Abuja to Lagos the following day. Each city was striking and contrasting in its own unique way…from culture to language to infrastructure. But despite the contrasting differences between each city, there was one thing in common…

In Port-Harcourt there was the ubiquitous presence of police escorts transporting foreigners across the muddy un-tarred roads, in Abuja check points littered every conceivable corner of the well built city filtering the land for bombs, while Lagos was a finesse balance of  the Abuja check points and Port-Harcourt escorts. In the midst of the obvious security problems that plagued each city was the ubiquitous stench of poverty that merged seamlessly into the background. Here was a country Nigeria…unified not by a common lofty goal but rather by poverty and security. But despite each cities similar struggle, they are divided…divided by language, religion and culture. Each city fights for a revolution and for a change, but only as divided voices that start off with a scream and end with a whisper.

The revolution that will change a nation will occur only when ethnicity, religion and language takes a back seat…because:
Poverty has no Tribe
Sickness has no Tribe
And the Revolution if it is to come…will have no Tribe*

Inspired by Dike Chukwumerije’s the Revolution Has No Tribe

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10 comments on “The Revolution Has No Tribe

  1. jazmyne on said:

    Whenever I start to rant about a revolution my sister always tells me to shut and stop making noises. Bt one thing I’ve always known is that unless we nigerians realise that we all have a common enemy regardless of ethnicity, we will continue to have small, tiny divided voices that won’t reach anyone’s ears. I love the art by the way.

  2. i agree with you ofili.revolution has no tribe.the sooner we realise this, the better.we should all stop being tribalistic and see each other as individuals with commom enemies, like poverty, hunger and bad starts from the fully embracing inter tribal marriages.

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Miss chy…I definitely agree with you! The embrace of inter-tribal marriage will hopefully water down ethnic stereotypes and unite Nigeria. Thanks for reading.

  3. Chim on said:

    An inspiring one bro..keep it up…cos we need more unified voices,if the revolution must come…despite the poverty,devastation and carnage,I stil av faith…and HOPE…cos I know a bit of history..dat powers rise and fall(so corruption,as a national power,won’t stand forever)…dat some nations av faced far worse,at one time in their evolution,YET stand strong today…dat change is INEVITABLE…let’s not give up..cos we will prevail!!!

  4. Oyin on said:

    Very sad, but very TRUE! Hope Nigerians come to realise that we need to bring ourselves to common grounds. “United we stand, divided we fall.” Right?

  5. muazu shehu A on said:

    Yeah, very inspiring. it is not let yet, time will certainly come when Nigerians will realize that and work together to fight enemies of our progress. Lack of good governance is where to start. with good governance poverty will be eradicated, hunger, corruption, crises and all related menace will be severely dealt with. please keep doing the good work

  6. Funny enough! Most of the Nigerians affirming the truthfulness of this post, are quite guilty to as why tribalism thrives amongst us. Truth be told some people who posted on this blog, still swear “over my dead body will I marry from so so so tribe”

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