How Recaptcha Assassinates Blog Comments

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Your day has been crazy busy at work. You can barely get space to breathe or relax…your clients are driving you insane and the world seems to be crashing on top of you. Your only avenue of escape is the very same source of your problems…YOUR COMPUTER! You calmly and swiftly log on to the internet in search of something that would take your mind away from the madness. You stumble upon a great blog and like an office-ninja (via Geekapedia: A person who is adept at reading social media sites at work without getting caught) read it while looking around to make sure that nobody is watching your illegal activity. You find the article fun, funny and thought provoking. You agree with everything the writer has to say, you feel her pain and you have an urge to post a comment. You go back into stealth mode composing your response…you pour your heart out but just as you are about to finish you hear a gun shot! But you calm down as you realize it is the copy machine get slammed by one of your many annoying co-workers trying fervently to un-jam a peice of paper from the copier. Finally you finish…and you hit ENTER feeling relieved but then you get this:

If you are like me…your gut reaction is to scream and slam your computer screen on the floor and pull your hair out in annoyance (I hope Rogaine can fix this). You have just been hit with the recaptcha madness and chances are that you would forget about your comment and return to work, without ever posting your ubber awesome comment. 


Everyday across the globe, up and coming bloggers are witnessing the assassination of their comments and the main culprit is RECAPTCHA. Many blogs require people to enter all sorts of information before they can comment. They ask for your DNA, Social Security number, middle name and bone marrows and if that is not enough they want you to take a recaptcha test or perform some sort of mental activity to prove that you are a real person. At the end of the day the commenter is frustrated by the numerous security checks and ends up not leaving any comment. As a blogger, especially a new blogger…you have to make it ultra easy for people to enter comments on your site. Get rid of the recaptcha and silly requirements. The easier it easy for people to comment on your blog the more comments you will get and the more lively your comment will be. Stop killing your blog!


BLOGGING POWER TIP: The primary reason people use recaptcha or administrative approval on their blogs is to block spam. However, there are a host of other solutions such as Akismet that can get rid of spam without requiring recaptcha like work. Remember make it easy.


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12 comments on “How Recaptcha Assassinates Blog Comments

  1. Vacademic on said:

    Hilarious! I’m office ninja-ing right now to post this comment, taking comfort in the assurance that won’t be attacked by a recaptcha upon submittal…


  2. on said:

    Exactly… I actually avoid commenting on blogs I know have these… Its very annoying.

     Spam or no spam it kills the comment mojo

  3. ofili i urge you to turn off recaptcha for a day when your site is really popular. The kind of spam you would get willl amaze you

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