Is #Nigeria Ready For A Break Up?

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When we hear about another bomb blast, our gut reaction is to think about a break up.

On paper it’s easy to talk about the break up of Nigeria. But we have to realize that break up is messy. Most people see the picture below … a clean North and South break up across the middle of Nigeria, dividing us along religious lines, where we draw up the border, shake hands and everybody carries on with their lives. I mean how hard can this be …

nigeria01But that is not what will happen, Nigeria will likely disintegrate across ethnic lines like the Soviet Union into factions of smaller sometimes irrelevant Nations … that will keep breaking up like a Meteorite crash landing into earth. Squabbles will go on and on for years about borders, about religion, mineral resources and stupid ish like who gets to keep Abuja and who truly owns this land or that.

And the Western and Eastern nations? They will come to our flying aid, offering us food in the day time and ammunition at night. Our break up will be like a nuclear fission reaction, the splitting of the most populous black nation into several different fragments. And like any nuclear reaction our split will produce energy, energy so great that it will stimulate an entire economy but in another continent. 

You see at the end of the day, we have formed too much as a nation, grown together for so long, so many things are forged together that a break up will be like a painful surgery, a decade long amputation but without any anesthetics!

Are we ready for that?


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24 comments on “Is #Nigeria Ready For A Break Up?

  1. Some people just don’t get it, my brother. And it’s not a guarantee that everyone will now be at peace sef. Just look at Sudan. Nigeria is the giant if Africa but the offshoots will not even be anything at all

    • the “Giant of Africa” ? what does it have to show for it. Stop being deluded this country is a joke. People like yourself keep thinking Nigeria important in World affair. Nigeria is nothing. If Nigeria split there will be competition between the newly formed countries. this will lead to development

  2. Nemi on said:

    Breaking up is definetely not the way forward but I intuitively feel de_centralizing power might work

    • Nemi you have a very powerful point. I think the solution is a decentralized government with much stronger regional powers. Kinda the way it was in the 1960s. But we will see sha what will happen. But break up is the last last alternative.

  3. The cost of splitting is a million times than the cost of uniting, so everyone should get their acts right, and not even broach the subject of splitting. Or are the people talking of splitting ready to start sacrificing their lives and that of their family? Cos trust me millions will die. Families will disintegrate, especially inter-tribal, businesses will collapse, and this is just a tip of the iceberg.

    Talks of splitting just makes obvious the level of ignorance of the people peddling it. Either that or they are looking for ways to benefit from an impending war.

    I get so pissed when I hear talks of splitting, that I end up having a splitting headache.

    Rubbish and nonsense.
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  4. I do not believe de-centralizing government will be a viable solution. At the end of the day, while each state or region would have significant authority over themselves, old wounds are bound to open up, and we would be back to square one- Islamic extremists wanting a sovereign islamist nation, Biafrans wanting to be split, and so on.

    On paper it sounds like the right idea, but politically it is unsound due to the way our economic resources are concentrated.

    The way forward is the way Nigeria was built- on Federalism.
    We need to nip the problem with nigeria in the bud- MISMANAGEMENT, CORRUPTION, AND IGNORANCE.

    We fail to learn from our mistakes of the past, we fail to understand that a nation is built up of its collective individuals and not a select few vested interests, we have not been able to master what the US calls “Checks and Balances”
    We have not been able to ensure Justice in our lands, Security for our people, and adequate infrastructure.

    Soultion? Set up a government, whose election was observed by 3 or more UNBIASED foreign entities. Make corruption a federal offence punishable by death, decrease the pay of Senators, SET UP REGULATORY AGENCIES that are CHECKED by other regulatory agencies. Make the courts independent and able to check FG. Ensure FG obeys. Make sure one party is not the “controlling” party in both senate and HOR. And for god’s sake, ensure your citizens basic amenities are met rather than making silly excuses.

  5. Arinze on said:

    I completely understand your view Ofili. A perfectly reasonable person can argue for staying united. A perfectly reasonable person can argue about splitting as well, so neither is blatantly ignorant idea. The U.S. split up from the U.K. and they are doing fine. It took lots of money and time, but now U.S. is a world leader. No route to take is easy nor short. Both peace and staying unified will take lots of money and time. Both have good and bad theoretical endings. But remember how our country was split up. The intentions of the white man when they divided this “country” with different core beliefs, languages, cultures may not have been for our success or benefit. So why keep it the way they divided it. Why even keep the name Nigeria? lol. I admit that we Have spent a long time together but I don’t think we have grown with the way we should have. I’ll end with a personal story. I tore my Achilles tendon weeks ago. Dr. said can i can buy a painless, cheap contraption that will hold it together, and just let time fix it, as it has already been a long time it happened, but there is an 18% chance of re-rupture. With surgery, very painful and expensive, there is a 2% chance of the tear happening again. The way I see it, saying we should stay the way we are because it seems too late, it will cost too much money, time and deaths is is like choosing the more comfortable solution with a higher chance of dismantling all over again. And second injuries are always worse than the first. Maybe its time for change.

    • I agree wit u Arinze,everything in life its a risk. Staying as one Nigeria is nt doing anything really cos its won’t end wit boko haram nor d northerners trying to turn every Nigerian to muslims. Dividing will be hard but its better that sitting our ass n watch nothing happen(improvement/development). People r still dying despite the ‘unity’. It’s better to be a small country with peace n progress than a big country with sorrow n depreciation.

  6. A Break up is the worst thing that can happen to Nigeria. We are not only ready for that.. We do not need that at this stage.

  7. We sure aren’t ready for breakup. Not ever. And for all that’s good, we might as well come to face the fact that this is some truth the dweebs over at the other end need to learn. Do we fight to get this message through to them or do we just keep folding our hands and look on? If the latter is chosen, it’s just too beautiful, as I envisage that our grandmas will soon be #chibokgrandmas. We can take our missives (I mean writers and bloggers), with the words strung together, laced with our angst and an unwillingness to back down, to the puddingheaded, crapped-up rogues. (Who goes first?). Taking advantage of the very opportunity we’ve all got to spread our message for almost no cash. PS: I can keep ranting about what I’ll do or I might as well get down to doing it now (same with you bro, reading this)

  8. Bibii on said:

    A break up is not an option, we can’t disintegrate across ethnic or religious line; we are closely knit together and too interwoven for that. It will only bring more problems and too many casualties. It took me a while to read and digest what you have written ,its a difficult to digest factual article. I dey fear sha #GodBlessNigeria

  9. CEEDEE on said:

    Had this same discussion with someone the other day on twitter. He told me since the north was the most restless in terms if tribal strife the country had better divide. Not so easy, the north is not basically Hausa Fulani like u pointed, there are many tribes who are Christians in the middle of the region. Are we going to abandon all this smaller tribes because maybe we belong to a majority. We all know all the smaller tribes will et oppressed when/if Nigeria splits. We owe it to ourselves to make this nation work.

  10. Nemi on said:

    @ CEEDEE,we really own it to ourselves,and unborn generation to make a UNITED NIGERIA has happened before and still can if our ‘POLITICS’ become on merit and if our religious leader(both christians and muslims) stop being greedy and stick to their profession#faith teaching# else Karl marx marxism will happen eventually.

  11. chijioke on said:

    ,,We r tired of testing abeg.Instead they not will allow decentralised power pro suppose by eastern region in 1966 they will render die,

  12. chijioke on said:

    ,,We r tired of testing abeg.Instead they not will allow decentralised power pro suppose by eastern region in 1966 they will render die.division is d only solution

  13. chijioke on said:

    Our fathers have made so many sacrificed to keep d nation in 1 form and united,which is not working, d more they try the more worsening it become,,,,,check d profile of Nigeria crises,we r nt a country to b called,we r just a factor of hate,bigot,tribalism and killings,,,after all in family,when d sons and daughter r old enough they will go their separate ways

  14. As rightly put by obyezeks we are not yet a NATION, just a loosely stiched geographical state. True nationhood is formed on unity which we are lacking hence the clamour for a breakup by some people who do not really know the consequences of such(and have most likely not lived outside their region and/or grew up with spoonfuls of stereotypes poisoned against the other region[s] therefore not having an objective&enligtened mindset in matters like this).
    Internationally, the only reason we are being reckoned with is due to our sheer size, asides that we ‘ve got very little bragging rights:
    Political stability=delicate.
    Economy= 3rd world.
    Transparency= blurry.
    Industralization= 🙁
    Military Might= *we dey come*
    Power= long story…
    The size of 170million is our ace that makes us a force to reckon with, should we throw that away all because of ethnic/religious bigotry & become as forgotten as morroco or madagascar?¿

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