Question Of The Month: September

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Question Of The Month

“Find a set of three digits (not necessarily all different) such that whichever order one wrote them down. The resultant 3-digit number was a prime.”

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17 comments on “Question Of The Month: September

  1. 113, 311, 131…it cant be 111, cuz those digits add up to three which means its divisible by three. It cant have any zero’s cuz then it’s divisible by 2 and 5, it can have even numbers because then it’s divisible by 2, it cant have 9 because it is divisible by 3. Nor can we use 5 cuz it’s always divisible by 5, so the only digits left to work with are 1, 3, and 7…..and working and twisting with those numbers, I got that 113, 311, and 131 are all prime.

  2. Ofili

    Let me just say that there are 3 possible answers. And who ever comes up with an original/different set first could potentially win a book =)

  3. 1, 3, and 7 i think… any order you put them in you will get a prime number. Other wise I did not understand the question and for that I will say: “D’oh! I tried!” 😉


  4. Cezanne on said:

    199, 919, 991 …final answer, if this is wrong…idk…this goes with the [1-3-1] combo and the [3-7-3] but Jr Saul got it first :'(

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