Some Of The Children We Helped Out #ChildHelp

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So about 2-3 weeks ago, we started a campaign to help out some of the Children here and we were able to raise N532,000. Today I was able to go to the hospital to visit some of the children, below is my experience …



It was difficult to get Chiegbu or his Mum to smile today … although she ended cracking a small smile that quickly faded away.

Her son was suffering from a complicated case of Meningitis that had crippled him and affected his brain thus limiting his ability to communicate with us. The Doctors had managed to get the disease under control and believe that he would be able to get progressively better at home.

He was technically discharged about 1-2 weeks ago, but they could not leave the hospital due to an outstanding N107,000 bill (this is a re-occurring theme). With the funds raised we were able to clear that bill. Although, I still sense that the Mum is worried about life after the Hospital … and I worry also.

But I am glad we were able to relieve some of her worry today.


This was a particularly difficult case of the complexities poverty adds to a struggling Healthcare system.

Odunsi is a 6 months old dealing with Meningitis complications, which had affected his brain causing fluid to build up in his head.

They had done a successful surgery to place a shunt in his head to help divert the fluid into his abdomen cavity. But due to malnutrition the shunt got contaminated and thus has to be fixed… and that’s where we are today.

He needs to go back in for surgery and the cost is N48,000, while the follow up drugs would cost another N32,500 per week for about 2-4 weeks. We were able to cover all this from your funds.

But we also wanted to ensure that this time around, something as trivial as malnutrition does not disrupt the brain shunt surgery again. So we also provided money for food after surgery which comes at a cost of N1250 per day.


This was one of the happier cases today … .

She has sickle cell and had just gone through a blood transfusion and needed money for anti-biotics to prevent infection. The Father had abandoned them both, but they were holding strong and smiling.

They were extremely grateful for the funds which was needed to clear their N110,000 bill so they could go home.

I met other patients today that will benefit from the funds … the money will help but it will not solve the big problem.

With our funds, it was like killing mosquitoes without throwing away the stagnant water. It felt good but new mosquitoes will eventually come back to bite you. We need to find a way to get rid of the stagnant water in our stagnant healthcare system.

So I am still studying the situation and learning more to find out how we can help provide a more permanent solution that ensures that cases like these cease to exist. I don’t know the solutions, but I do know collecting money to pay bills is simply not enough but needs to be done until the solution is found…


I met some great people today.

Doctor’s and Nurses who are pitching in their own funds to help patients despite their own tough tough circumstances. Most of them have not even been paid their November salaries and are not even sure they will get their December salaries, but yet they give the little they have just to help patients.

For example we met a baby with AIDS that needed ARV (Anti Retro Viral) drugs, these drugs are meant to be provided for free by the Government. But they were not available! And the Nurses and Doctors had to again pitch to give the little they have. But it’s not enough.

The Government needs to do more.

Sadly, they (the Doctors/Nurses) can’t speak out about the lack of Government support, because they still work for the Government. That’s why I don’t have any pictures of the Nurses and Doctors. But I hope to some way convince a few to speak out in the future … maybe anonymously …

PS: If you have constructive ideas on how we can kill mosquitoes and throw away the stagnant water simultaneously do let me know below. Aside from that be awesome and thanks again!

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  1. Heartbreaking stories yet heartwarming gestures by you and your team. Well done Ofili. I think what you could do is keep pushing stories like these out there and also working towards having a bi-annual fund raiser towards this cause. In addition to that, we must all put pressure on the government to step up and chip in. They must set funds aside to deal with such cases and also ensure that medical personnel are constantly paid and duly compensated as well.

    I push an online initiative called #AllHeartsAlways which is basically reminding everyone to care for the needy around them. I also sometimes do what you’ve just done, settling bills of the needy with my own resources. So please, feel free to contact me if you need additional assistance on such things. My email addresses

    Thanks and do have a very merry Christmas.
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