Who Stole My Business Card

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I create my sketches with a Wacom Bamboo sketch pad model CTH-661…it is a sleek device that helps me convert my colorful imagination into palpable illustrations on my computer. But despite its awesomeness, my best sketches and freshest ideas still originate from a cheap ball point pen and scrap paper! Funny enough a similar thing happens with business. We tend to see a lot of technologically advanced business devices springing up everyday that can do amazing things. Some devices can send multiple messages to multiple people in a matter of seconds while others can deliver babies seamlessly transcribe voice to text. But despite the advancement of technology and similar to my sketch experience, we always find ourselves going back to the pen and paper basics.
A few months ago I attended a weekend happy hour event at a plush (added for effects) bar on the islands of Lagos and accidentally left my business card on one of the tables. The following Monday, I got a call out of the blues from a guy who said he was an avid reader of my blog and had been looking for ways to get in touch with me…turns out that he got my contact information from the very same business card I left at the bar! We were able to strike up a long and fruitful conversation about blogging and business. But, our meeting only occurred because of a forgotten business card, a simple card that has been in existence for years. Technology has progressed and improved, but yet business cards remain (the basics) and it is because they are simple, cheap but most of all effective. I personally still show up to events with my ubber awesome tecnological device (aka my blackberry), but yet I stack my pockets full of business cards, because experience has shown than when it comes to networking, business and life…the pen and paper basics will always remain. Besides if I left my blackberry at the bar, chances are I would probably not have gotten it back =D

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8 comments on “Who Stole My Business Card

  1. Reallaw on said:

    Semi-quoting Hugh MacLeod “Mediocre artists hide behind props & fancy tools. The Great ones just do the work.” In Naija you have mushrooms of fancy photographers with cutting edge cameras & software, but can’t take/compose a basic portrait shoot without a zillion retakes. You might like this link: http://chrisguillebeau.com/3×5/free-lunch/

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Reallaw you hit me with 2 of my fav bloggers! Chris Guilbeau and Hugh MacLeod…the latter being my blogging inspiration. Will check out the link…and yes I know what you are talking about with the Cameras.

  2. @otigainspires on said:

    you are right, even as technology is now the order of the day, business would still not be complete without the pen and paper. Nice concept.

  3. Ofili
    Ofili on said:

    Yes O! Pen and Paper is the DNA of life, the beginning of many of the greatest ideas the world has and will see.

  4. 1 of the the best dresses I’ve designed came from a sketch I made at a wedding reception on a little yellow sketchpad…..truth is, I was bored and that little pad n pencil converted my boredom into something beautiful.

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