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I woke up in the middle of the night with an itch in the middle of my forehead. Still drunken with sleep I dragged my self into the bathroom and stared at the mirror…it was a big red ugly zit! I tried fiercely to battle it with a toxic combination of chemicals and finger-nails. But the more I fought the worse it became, eventually growing bigger, redder and uglier.  I was trapped, trapped within my body and mind. Trapped with thoughts of insecurity that stemmed from the ugliness that wrecked my face.

Those thoughts would magnify as I stepped away from the comfort of my home into the acrid stares of the outside world. Thoughts that would eventually erode my confidence and my smile…until I stepped into store filled with multiple faces of the outside world, but one face stood out from all the rest. It was a lady with a face riddled with scars of hastily healed spots and freshly growing ugly zits she was the epitome of ugly. But somehow, despite the scars that haunted her face, she smiled. She smiled so warmly, so beautifully triggering a spark within me that replaced my self conscious thoughts with a powerful lesson. SMILE.

Life is filled with many little moments and each one has a lesson…

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