We Do Not Normally Do This

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As a then jobless college student in desperate need of a job, one of the phrases I heard the most from companies impressed with my resume but yet allergic to my immigration status was “we don’t normally.”

We don’t normally hire immigrants
We don’t normally sponsor visas


Unfortunately, we don’t normally has found its way into the mantra’s of many businesses today. From the local fast food joint to the ultra modern hotel…we have businesses and organizations that are too pre-occupied with telling people what they don’t normally do. We don’t normally check people in after 12 midnight, we don’t normally serve that drink, we don’t normally hire people with facial hair. Flinging out the phrase as a lazy reflex answer to any question that goes beyond the scope of what they are normally accustomed to doing…failing to realize that companies that hire the best talents, cultivate the best ideas and harvest the most profits do not do so by doing what everyone NORMALLY does. They do so by doing something different, by making logical exceptions for the customers, their employees and for the company as a whole. It is this willingness to see beyond the normal that creates visionary businesses and leaders.

See beyond the normal and become visionary so that you can see talent and innovation that is sometimes hidden behind company BS.

Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.
~ Arthur Schopenhauer German philosopher (1788 – 1860)

PS: Lest I forget, I did get hired by a company that said we don’t normally…BUT yet made an exception and we have had a sensational relationship together.

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One comment on “We Do Not Normally Do This

  1. All is well that ends well, abi?  You eventually got hired and so there’s a good ending to that story.  Unfortunately though, especially because of the economy several companies have decided to make that “anti-immigration” policy more blatantly obvious, so international students who can’t get jobs are back in school accumulating degrees they don’t need.  Sad state of affairs.

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