Nigerians are Inherently Politically Hypocritical

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One thing I learned after May 2015 is that Nigerians are inherently politically hypocritical.

I remember when people were lamenting about N180 exchange rate … gnashing their teeth and pulling their hair.

Today it is N420 and those same people are now philosophers, talking about “after the rain comes sunshine.” But after the TORNADO carries your house the sunshine will still come!

I remember when we could mock and laugh at our President and leaders.

But today people will be carrying face when you try and justifiable yab the incompetence of the Government.

And if you are not careful EFCC might even come and carry you because you violated one kin financial rule in your blog.

I remember when we used to use facts and Economic indices to gauge the effectiveness of a President.

But today people will tell you the very same facts and figures used to remove one President is not applicable for this President because of or

I remember when we used to get upset about Government lies.

Today they will lie to us and some people will be calling it strategic communication. See me see wahala!

That’s why I say and will not stop saying that the one thing I learned after May 2015 is how inherently politically HYPOCRITICAL the Nigerian man and woman can be.


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