My Secondary Race Is Killing My Primary Race #Ferguson #EricGarner

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tumblr_n6yvvyBRX91qzdnooo1_500Talking about race is difficult. You speak up against brutality of African Americans in America and someone will subtly remind you that you are not African-American but African … an immigrant.

So you fly back to your continent to talk about real African issues, but as soon as you open your mouth someone will say “you Nigerians like to act like you know everything … so dominating … too loud.”

So you keep quiet and run back to your country … to Lagos where you lived your entire life … but as you begin speaking on social issues like lack of light, bad roads, poverty and other issues someone will use style to remind you that you are Igbo…that Lagos and especially Nigeria is not for you, that Nigeria once fought against your people in the Biafra war.

So you run back to East…you open your mouth to say “ndi igbo kedu” but before you finish your sentence someone shouts “mechie onu gi … ndi delta igbo…” with a long hiss … because you are not really from the East. You are Delta-Igbo…that race of people that are not authentic enough to be Igbo or central enough to be Delta … so you are stuck in a racial quandary… You are like wtf am I?

But you know who you are … you are a freaking human being. And you will speak on whatever the heck you want to talk about as long as it fucking affects you. From police brutality in America to Corruption issues in Africa to Light issues in Lagos… because life is too damn complex to listen to everyone’s opinion on your race!

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16 comments on “My Secondary Race Is Killing My Primary Race #Ferguson #EricGarner

  1. Awii Omene on said:

    Your write ups are funny and true… real creative guy. I can totally relate to that delta-igbo thing LoL!

  2. Sadly, this is true but it’s also a two-way street.

    I remember in secondary school, all the ‘Delta-Igbo students vehemently refused to identify themselves as Igbos… as if it was an infectious disease to be Igbo. So there began a demarcation among Igbos; with the Delta-Igbos preferring to be identified as ‘Ibos’.

    Let’s not even go into how Lagosians treat you when they find out you are Igbo…it’s as if you automatically become sub-human, at best retarded. You become ‘Okoro’ and ‘Igbotic’ and all your best ideas are laid to waste because you have an Igbo accent!

    You do have to know yourself or others will define you for you and by knowing yourself, you express yourself – what you say may not touch a everyone, but it will touch someone who will go on and touch someone else and change will come.

    So Igbo, Nigerian, West African, African…speak! Let your voice be heard. We only live once.
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  3. Bibii Akinyemi on said:

    Too many shallow minded people around. Iike I always say ‘I am not where I am from #African #Nigerian #Yoruba I am who I choose to be’ Even among one’s tribe some states have been given negative tags. So it pays to just say what you have to say, some people will listen. Nyc piece as usual.

  4. There will always be a reason why people would not want us to talk. I have discovered that Some problems would not have lingered if we didn’t get involved. so I have decided not to open my mouth on negative things that are around and focus on the little things that are working.

    Read my post “Raising a protesters generation” on

  5. Hahhhaa. Mechie gi onu. Ofili you just killed it. Its not funny actually, but life is too short to allow other peoples racism, tribalism, ethnic jagbajantis affect you.

    • Ofili

      “jagbajantis” I did not even know that world could be spelled … lol. And true…life is too damn short.

  6. It was until I went for NYSC that my eyes opened to the serious case of tribalism in Nigeria. The way they describe Nigerians is the way the northerners describe the yorubas, word for word. It seems as if they don’t want to see us talkless of hearing us. A friend in another camp said if any ibo speaks to any other tribe, the ibo counterparts will chastise the person in their language. When we are all like this how can the country move forward? I just want people to interact based on individual values and not pre-judged values based on tribe or race and actually listen when we speak. Racism is very much around but God help us as we help ourselves

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