But My Racism Is Better Than Yours

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People get upset that Iggy Azalae is doing rap music but can’t understand why other people are upset about a Black storm trooper…

They feel their racism is better, sleeker, much better but can’t comprehend how it’s the same thing as another person not wanting a black storm trooper because it infringes on white culture just like an Australian Iggy supposedly infringes on black culture.

At the end of the day we all think our racism is better!


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Author: Ofili

Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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9 comments on “But My Racism Is Better Than Yours

  1. Honestly….I want to hi five you right now. So apt.
    I really wish we would all just get over ourselves, really.

  2. First time I saw Iggy on tv , I was impressed and I was like wow! She’s good. But my Sis was like, why would she do rap,couldn’t she do something else? LOL
    I honestly don’t get why people would diss Iggy for doing rap. It’s something deeper than we can understand .

  3. The problem when Africans and other immigrants write about racism in America is that they do not learn the history or show that they learn the history. I was fortunate enough to take an African American history course and the truth is brutal. America was built on the backs of Black-American slaves. See, when the came for the slaves, so many industries in America grew: the shipping industry, the police, the insurance industry (the movie Belle touched on this), the manufacturing industry, the food industry, the politics, and the law. The nation had a civil war over slavery to determine whether new states would get to have states or not.

    They were deemed property for several hundred years (slavery in the US began in roughly 1660s and wasn’t abolished until 1865 = 205 years of slavery). And immediately racial discrimination laws followed (black codes, Jim crow, lynching, housing/work/education discrimination continue till truly the 1970s-1980s, so that is 100+ more years). Racism in the US is a systematic form of control by white Americans to minority Americans. Shall we talk about Native Americans (they live on reservations in abject poverty and they are almost out of extinction. Even the casinos they managed to get barely benefits them). Asian Americans nko, they got internment during WWII. So racism is not a thing of the past, it is about power and privilege which all white Americans have even if they do not want it. (Political, economical, and otherwise). In a senate of 100, only 2 are Black, congress of 435–43 are Black.

    With rap music in America, it has been a black thing. It was poetry and music for Blacks (and for the poor whom majority of are black which is Eminem gets a pass and because he talks about what he knows). Iggy is Australian and she is hailed because she has a mainly Black feature (a big butt) but when blacks with that feature even manage to rise, they are quickly shut down because “her butt is too big or she’s too ghetto”. (Remy ma, Trina, Missy Elliott, the list goes on). The thing is that whatever a black woman has is ugly, but put it on a white (or white-passing face) and it is fine. See Kim K, Iggy, Angelina Jolie (and the focus on her big lips). Yet black women get taunted for it.

    And another thing. She makes money off black culture yet the Ferguson protests are not an issue for her —that is called appropriation. You claim black culture when it is convenient for you but when hey could use your voice (and you must be an outside of that culture) you are silent.

    So abeg, when discussing America’s racism–we need to dig deeper. It’s like this: white Americans are at the 80m mark of a 100m race while black Americans are just starting, and life says go and everyone is wondering ” Black American, why didn’t you even try to win?”

  4. If only it was as simple as that but then it isn’t.
    When you are/have been the oppressed, when the very essence of you – big lips, big hips – has now been turned into a fashion statement when before it was a thing of revulsion; of derision, it’s very difficult not to feel embittered.

    I remember watching an Oprah show when white women where injecting collagen into their lips to make it fuller and Oprah remarked that – ” we were once made fun of for our big lips and now everyone wants them”.

    So it’s not as black and white (pardon the pun) as ‘their’ racism and ‘our’ racism…it’s more like – you took everything away from us, made us believe we were less than human, that we were only good for back-breaking work and yet you take what belongs to us, make it your own.

    Like when vogue magazine claimed that big butts are now in fashion (paraphrased) big butts kwa! Something that my mum, her mum and her mum before her, my neighbour, her cousin , her garri-seller …well you catch the drift…

    So it’s not so much reverse racism as anger and bitterness at the fact that being black is cool and fashionable when it suits you and when it doesn’t, you shoot us!
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    • Ofili

      Who took everything away from us? The little girl born in 2012? or 1988? When will that end and we collectively move forward. And yes African Americans were oppressed (not even Africans) and it hurt, crap I cried watching 12 years a slave, but we can’t keep saying because African American were oppressed it validates our own bias.

  5. Racism is everywhere, not just between blacks and whites, but also among blacks. For instance, in Nigeria some people believe that because they come from a particular region then they own Nigeria. Even among tribes and communities. so the truth is that people will always look for a way to racicise (if there is a word like that. but I know u understand) against others.

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