My Personal Sacrifice To RCCG

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rccgBy now you must have seen the viral RCCG flier going around the internet. A blue lettered document called the “sacrifice form” with various levels of sacrifices all begging … I mean asking for money!

The entire internet has been agog with various opinions on it.

But the official RCCG response to the fiasco … was even worse than the original offense.

Their response to a Parish of theirs asking congregation members to donate as much as a full month’s salary termed “Abundance Sacrifice” or a “Divine Sacrifice” of 1 million naira with a note stating that Houses, Cars and Land is accepted, was this….

“We would like to state that should anyone give towards this project or any other, let him or her give out of conviction and NOT compulsion but because God loves a cheerful giver.”

A cheerful giver?
Conviction and NOT “compulsion”?
Is RCCG serious? Is this a joke?

Churches are no longer satisfied with taking the 10% before tax (lest I forget), they are now coming for the whole thing. And using “sacrifice” as the excuse to make themselves richer.

And the sad thing is that the people that will fall victim to this rubbish are the poor and uneducated. People who can’t tell the difference between the word “conviction” and “compulsion” as contained in the official RCCG response.

But let’s be honest, at the end of the day, nothing will happen to the RCCG brand. Its too strong, too powerful, too well respected and too politically connected.

Instead people will find bible verses to justify the SACRIFICIAL SACRIFICE nonsense.

Today I mentally sacrifice my common entrance result because it has failed to give our nation enough common sense needed to see through religious bull shit!



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Author: Ofili

Words by Okechukwu Ofili of
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10 comments on “My Personal Sacrifice To RCCG

  1. Igbegocho on said:

    If people would just read the bible themselves, it would be difficult to fall prey when things like this come up. That said, I do agree that giving is done out of conviction not compulsion. Contributing to build a place I enjoy worshiping in is not an offence.

    • Joey Jay on said:

      Def it’s not an offense to give, when you are certain about it. Like you said conviction, I don’t see a need for the sacrificial form. Church need money for a project, say it and raise it. Not handling out forms and attaching types of sacrifice levels to it.

  2. Joey Jay on said:

    Jesu, what is sacrificial sacrifice again ooo. So there are levels of sacrifice now. How much will 1k give me on the sacrifice level😒. This one is clearly the church loves on cheerful giver, God will not put a Figure on the kind of sacrifice you give. But man will do, this pastor need the real Jesus😂😂.
    Sacrificial Sacrifice,Nollywood oya start scripting

  3. Well said! And the painful thing about this is that at the end of the day, this poor and uneducated people don’t get to enjoy the “services” they provide, “services” made possible by their “willful sacrifice “

  4. Nicely done. ‘We decry his approach, but remember that God loves a cheerful giver’.
    Someone recently told me “It’s impossible to give away something you value greatly without feeling a bit sad about it, even if you’re giving for the right reason(s). That’s why it’s called a SACRIFICE. It’s supposed to hurt”.
    Then again, most ‘Christians’ don’t understand tithe or giving. It’s sad because these people will still get the donations they asked for. Cheerful or not, it’s still robbery.
    I’m glad to say I know some people who would walk out of the church if this ever happened where they were.
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  5. Deji on said:

    Ofili I don’t think their response is as bad as you say. You did not differentiate between conviction and compulsion…I was beginning to think I don’t know the meaning.
    In this age, it’s important to study for yourself due to the wolves that exist among us.

  6. Jeffrey Jude
    Jeffrey Jude on said:

    Hmm….. And when I talk about the way some Nigerian churches go about their business, I’m branded a ‘sinner’…
    First, why the specifics…… Is the church now giving me pointers on how to spend the small money I’m trying to manage? And these specifics will just encourage competition giving, as A will want to give more than B as “divine sacrifice” will give him more blessings abi?

  7. Fatima on said:

    I say this ALL the time and people call me an atheist for it but; use your heads people!!!!

    There is a bloody problem in a society that has more churches and mosques per square metre than industries or medical centres.

    Use your heads….!!!!!

  8. Christian chinedu on said:

    Church is a scam. Not only the poor and uneducated are victims. Major reason it flourishes is the significantly high pursuit for the supernatural.

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