My Crazy Ideas Keep Me Up At Night

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A lot of times I find myself in bed but unable to sleep because my mind is shuffling through a million and one ideas. Some of them are scary, some are crazy, some are exciting and I feel the urge to jump out of bed to begin implementing them. But I know I must work the next day so I go to sleep not by counting sheep but by counting the crazy ideas circulating my head.


Author: Ofili

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  1. Claes on said:

    Colleen I’ve seen a few APA feuds, but you’re right, it’s nothing copamred to the non-stop flamewars on the net. In the past, U.F.O. members were encouraged to critique and grade each others’ work as you can imagine, that led to occasional hurt feelings. We used to have a member who had strong religious views, and would automatically give low grades to any comic with bad language, nudity, excessive violence, etc. That lead to a few heated exchanges, and a couple of the members who were doing edgier material went off and formed their own splinter group. We all took the debate very seriously at the time, but now I can look back on it and laugh.

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