O’s Success Tips: Don’t Sit Around

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“Some People Make Things Happen, Some Watch Things Happen, while Others Sit around and Wonder What Happened.” Larry Walters had always wanted to be a pilot but for one reason or the other, he just quite could never qualify to be a pilot. However, he had one dream and that was to fly over his neighborhood. Larry figured that if he could tie enough helium filled balloons to a chair he could fulfill his goal. To cut a long story short, Larry Walters went ahead with his wacky idea and purchased 45 weather balloons, filled them up with helium and tied them to a lawn chair. Bracing himself Larry Walters released the lawn chair from the ground. Unfortunately Larry Walters did not rise above his neighborhood, he did more than that he shot up 16000 feet in the air, temporarily shutting down air traffic in the Los-Angeles area and causing all sorts of chaos. Larry eventually made it to the ground and America being America was met with an entourage of ravaging excited reporters. “Were you afraid?” they asked, empathetically he replied “YES!” “will you do it again” logically he replied “NO!” Finally they asked him, “Why did you do it?” Larry Walter’s response not only amazes me, it inspires me. He replied, “Because a man just can’t sit around.”

Unfortunately there are just too many people sitting around, talking about what they want to do. “I want to lose weight,” “I want to start a business,” or “I want to spend more time with the family.” But the problem? They are just sitting around talking about it. Several months ago I read this book by Thomas Standley, “the millionaire next door” a study of the successful winning habits of Millionaires across America. One of the stats that jumped at me from reading the book was the fact that “80% of millionaires owned real estate investment properties.” Then and then I made a decision to purchase real estate investment property. I bought the real estate books, watched the real estate videos, joined the real estate clubs and organized real estate investment workshops. But was I doing it? No. I was just sitting around talking about it, doing everything but making it happen. It was a simple conversation that re-focused my thinking back on “the making” versus “the thinking”. I was having a simple discussion with a friend on the benefits of real estate investment. During my conversation I was asked casually why I had not acquired any real estate investment property. Taken aback by the candid nature of the question, I gave an incoherent answer on how it was not quite the right time for me to invest. From my perspective I did not have enough money and time to pursue a dream I so strongly believed in. My response sounded smart at first, but after playing it over and over in my head, it sounded amazingly silly. And worse-still I had a headache just thinking about it!

I came to the sudden realization that I had done everything necessary to realize my dream, except “making it happen.” Something cracked inside of me. That same day I made an appointment with my realtor to view houses over the weekend. For the first time I did not think about excuses, just about making it happen. Long story short within 2 weeks I had found a potential property and finalized a contract with little money in my bank account. All my weeks of inactive activity and finally I had done it; all I did was get up and make a conscious decision to make it happen. Just like Larry Walters who wanted to fly above his neighborhood, albeit unconventional, he not only fulfilled his dream he exceeded it. At the end of it all I had enough money to close on the deal, but only because I put myself in a position where I had to have the funds. Its funny what we do when we absolutely have to make things happen.

In 2008 you will be faced with tons of resolutions, take my candid advice, forget about making the resolution. Just take that leap of faith and build your wings as you fall. Remember you might spend an eternity building wings, but if you never take that leap you’ll never fly.

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Okechukwu Ofili
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