Made In China But Branded In America

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Recently I walked into the EXPRESS clothing store and as usual I had no plan to purchase anything. But my mind was too weak to resist the allure of resplendent colored polo’s garnished with discount tags hanging precariously from their sleeves. I was instantly hooked and found my self picking and testing numerous polo shirts. But this was my normal ritual to be honest…I always bought polos from EXPRESS but today something else caught my eye…it was a pair of sunglasses on a shelf.

I had been looking for replacement glasses for a while now and this fit the bill perfectly. They were reflectors and the price tag plus discount tag screamed deal! The $20 cost was a far cry from the $100+ shades I had seen in other stores. I instantly jumped at the glasses and chucked them into my shopping stash…but not before I noticed a little golden sticker on the front of the glasses. It was the same one I saw on packages I bought from the local market in Nigeria. The same sticker that made people turn their nose up in disdain. It was the golden MADE IN CHINA sticker. Here I was, in one of the most popular stores in the world…known for high quality products and apparels…holding a made in china pair of sunglasses. If I saw the same pair of glasses in Nigeria I would probably have snuffed at it. But with the 7 letter word EXPRESS engraved boldly on the edges of the glasses it seemed priceless. And that my friend is the magic of branding and the secret (really not a secret, but it flows) of America’s economical success and your success as an Entrepreneur.

Simply put it is not enough to produce products or services and call it a day. You have to be actively involved in the branding, because that is what customers pay for. Product quality is quite very important, but after a certain threshold branding takes over. That is why America is so successful despite not really producing much. Polo shirts are made in Asia, Air Jordans are made in Asia, Apple computers are made in Asia…but their true value…the things that transforms it from a simple peice of shoe to something special…is MADE IN AMERICA. And it is done through powerful branding.

So how are you branding yourself and your business? Are you simply focused on creating products and services or are you focused on branding. Remember, the value of the Sunglasses I bought at the Express stores were created through TV commercials, catalogues, fashion magazine and others. Thus if you want to infuse more value into your business, then you have to start infusing more investments into your branding and your image. Investing does not need to be financial, it could be as simple as cleaning up your facebook page or picking an appropriate website name and address. But whatever you do decide to do, ensure that you start branding!

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8 comments on “Made In China But Branded In America

  1. Branding is truly the new management, and anyone who isn’t focused on it is going to miss opportunities for expansion.  It’s a really simple concept that takes expertise to finesse.  Good to meet you on Twitter at my alter ego @Fey1IsleofSkye.

  2. Talkovert on said:

    Branding is something that starts from ‘self’ because even you are a ‘brand’. What kind of brand are u? Are you, as an individual, a brand people should be interested in? Do you stand out? If you have successfully branded yourself, branding your products or services would be just a little bit easier. However you choose to go about it though, your brand is not something you want to compromise on…………

  3. nchewi on said:

    Ofili, u r an inspiration….! I mean, somebody can comfortably publish a book off ur ideas!!! Branding is d long and short of everything. We really don’t like people. It is mostly what they represent that we fall for! Brand, brand and brand
    Good one!

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