Why @LindaIkeji Is Hated

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lindaikeji mania magazineSo this week was quite interesting for me and I learned a few PLENTY things…

It all started with the Linda Ikeji plagiarism accusation story, which I am sure most of you have heard by now so I am not even going to touch that. But what struck me about the many debates I was involved in on twitter, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, whatsapp and others places is the amount of disguised hate people have for the Linda. People will say “o we are not hating we are just stating that plagiarism is wrong” and “she should apologize and everything will be fine” but then when she apologizes … people will say that “o that apology was not good enough” or “the comma was off a little bit.” No matter what she said or did a small select people will find fault in it. And that made me think and realize something…

And that is that whether you like it or not there are people that will hate you, it is an inevitability of life. And the more successful you are, the more hate you will get … this is nothing new. But the clincher is that the hate escalates even more depending on the job you do. Let me explain…

About a month ago, I was driving down the roads of FM 1960 in Houston when a truck sped past me at about 80 miles per hour converted to Nigerian units it was moving very fast! It was 11:00 pm and obviously dark except for the street lights. I was startled. When something like that happens it is normally an indication of a live street race so I know not to switch lanes so I don’t get clipped … and before I knew it another truck zoomed past me. I was right … this was definitely a street race …

But then another truck sped by and yet another one … that was like 5 trucks in a row and at top speed. Which is odd because trucks don’t do speed races typically. And then I started looking at the trucks much more closely and realized that this was not a street race! These were tow trucks … and they were racing not for leisure but for business…

There had been an accident and they were on a race to get to the site as fast as they could. Their top priority was not who lived or who died or who was critically injured in that accident but rather who got there first … even if it meant causing another accident! “What type of people would do a job such as this?” I thought to myself.

A job that depends on accidents to be successful. No matter how you spun it, tow truck drivers to me were dirt. You couldn’t spin it any other way. And the way I think about tow truck drivers is the way a percentage of people think about “gossip” bloggers such as Linda Ikeji. No matter how you spin it, they are and will be hated by some people for seemingly exploiting people’s social accidents. They could walk on water, build a hospital in Kano and even bring back our girls but they will be hated. That is what Linda is facing and will face continually because of the job she does …

The way I think about tow truck drivers is the way a percentage of people think about “gossip” bloggers such as Linda Ikeji. No matter how you spin it, they are and will be hated by some people for seemingly exploiting people’s social accidents.

That made me realize that I need to be even more objective in criticizing (and supporting) public figures, I need to be slower in jumping to conclusions about people who on the basis of their job description are more prone to be hated … from LASTMA to Nigerian Police to Flashy African Pastors. Because not everyone is 100% evil …

The same Tow Trucks that zoomed past me in the middle of the night are the same ones that helped tow my car when it broke down and the same ones that jump started my Camry when the battery was out. I learned all that this week when I saw someone that has given and helped so many people get her character practically torn down in the space of seconds!

PS: I also learned to respond to people’s emails … lol. If I have not responded to your email please forgive me o…it was not intentional. Don’t come and pull down my blog or carry my Toyota Camry.

Picture Credit: Mania Magazine

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Author: Ofili

Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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47 comments on “Why @LindaIkeji Is Hated

  1. Lolololol.nicely said.Everybody they give photo credit.
    I really like Linda although I don’t even visit her blog often.
    I just hope this episode doesn’t change d feel of her blog,there’s something personal and likeable wit d way she blogs.

    God bless her hussle.

  2. Lol, ofili you’ve really learnt a lot. Now even giving credit for pictures lol. But it good and ok I will love to see linda ikeji bouncing back with a big bang

  3. Nchewi on said:

    Beautifully written Ofili. I totally agree with you. And yes, u haven’t responded 2 my mail. Plz don’t. Just pretend as if u didn’t see it, for my own good.

  4. Hahaha. The whole Linda Ikeji saga was so funny. Even hypocrites who illegal download music and have never bought an album in their lives had the audacity to criticise her. Well, she’s back & hopefully better.

  5. Ehen, lemme even say it loud now, I pinged you several times last month, but you were too busy, editing your book, writing satirical blogposts to answer me, even when you kept sending me BCs of your post, which I always read. No I won’t even bother trying to pull down your blog since I love your writing style and I know your favorite author is Malcolm Gladwell…. *ROTFL*

    Wonderful Narrative as usual ofili. Sometimes, we need to separate the job roles from the personality. These people do their jobs to the best of their abilities. We might not be happy with what they do, but they just have to do it.

  6. Nicely Juxtaposed. Truth is, there are people who are trained and are always waiting and ready to JUMP into conclusions and Judge others at the slightest opportunity they get.

  7. Don’t worry Ofili we go protest…lol. I learnt two things from the Linda’s ish. 1) Shit happens: Things get tougher when you are on top. We should be prepared, have a plan B. 2) When Shit happens don’t make it all about haters: you may be the author of your own shit… Don’t invest all your energy into shifting blames. Instead study the shit and change the process.

  8. Yep, Ofili.
    You do really need to reply to people’s comments. Not doing so is akin to blanking someone when they’re talking to you.

    To the post, I agree with Sadiq…sometimes, it’s not about haters; it’s about the fact that you are about to get bigger so God is making space for you or you need time to stop, re-group and come back with a fresh perspective…
    Okan’ube latest post is Fat, Little Sh**!!!My Profile

  9. odunayo on said:

    Nice summary Ofili, I must confess, you’ve said it all….. but I must say, I so much believe Linda will bounce back bigger and better

  10. Sebastian on said:

    I agree a lot of people bashing her were just hating on her success but i also want this to teach people that its wrong to plagiarize.. ever since the beginning of the year, i have had a total dislike for Linda Ikeji due to the following events..

    My wife belongs to a popular food page on Facebook and friends with a popular food blogger (name with-held). Now the blogger frequents Linda’s blog for gist and happenings relating to her food business… early this year she came across her picture on Linda’s website with no credits to the original source (her website) she wrote Linda asking her to take it down or credit her. You should have seen the email Linda sent her. She Lambasted her, calling her a nuisance and that she should be happy her picture is being used on her blog.. She and everyone on the FB page reported to Google, after verification, Google took down the post themselves..

    The fans of the page decided to hunt for the bloggers pictures on popular blogs and found one on Bellanaija, she wrote Bellanaija and surprise surprise Bellanaija wrote a letter of apology and took down the post… The same thing with Nestle Nigeria, they used one of her pictures for an online add, after a lot of rigmarole they eventually took off her picture they used for the ad and signed a contract with her.

    Google will probably restore the website for her with an agreement that she credits every source from now on. I hope she learns from this..

    Abeg bros reply my mail.. i sent it on the 15th of November this year… lol

    • Ofili

      Thanks Sebastian for sharing. The more we look at this, the more we learn. I am starting to see the differences between both BellaNaija and LindaIkeji.Blogspot. Again hopefully she learns and applies the learning.

      I am kinda glad it happened cause I learned a lot. And it would only make the Nigerian blogging atmosphere better.

  11. Chibuzo on said:

    Lwkmd!….@ “Don’t come and pull down my blog or carry my Toyota Camry” Na lie it is intentional!…Sebi Linda was @Mrayedee!…me I am the @MrsAyedee on your blog o!…..here is my story…
    I sent you a mail sometime last-year or so after I read your write-up about the LASTMA man @ lekki junction that tried to intimidate you and how you drove him around b4 dropping him off somewhere (can’t remember the title sha but I laughed my ribs out!). Then I had to send you a mail as I was inspired by your works and write up; I asked a lot of questions but no response. Felt what was I thinking to receive a response from you (maybe when I become popular too as a writer>>> dreams that I am yet to make to reality>>>>that is when I finally wake up!) So yes I am coming for your Camry not your blog jawe (how can I design and create those awesome caricatures, let alone the intelligent write-ups!) as I need the Camry in this city of Chicago!
    Anyways I am always inspired by your works and I wish I could take the courage to start writing because I think I identify myself with your style of writing (humor and intellect).
    Also never knew you were the brains behind okadabooks (#mybad!…found out today when reading “who is Ofili”). I was signed up when I was in Nigeria (on my Samsung tab) but having issues now in the US as I cant get the okadabooks app on my iPhone and I tried logging in on the website ( it says “Coming soon, a vibrant new holiday and books directory. Working on a full redesign”)
    And Yes! My comment is long because I was afraid if I send you a mail, you may never respond again. So I wrote this epistle in the comment section so that when I (as @MrAYedee) sends Toyota (as Google) to carry/steal your Camry Car(as Lindaikeji’s Blog) for me(as MrsAyedee), you(as linda ikeji) will not be shocked and people (as LIBers /Ofilispeakers) will know where our kwanta started!
    Whenever I am in Starbucks I remember your starbucks story…lol and I am extremely careful and suspicious of everyone o!…#crazythings
    But above all great lessons learnt from Linda saga and please keep inspiring people like me o!
    Much sisterly love!
    Comment credit: my humble self

  12. Interesting view you’ve got on this matter Ofili. I did write my own perspective about Linda and her blog when the issue came up and was compelled to do a follow-up when the blog was supposedly taken down.
    Fact remains, she made her mistakes and probably has learnt her lessons and has already bounced back bigger and better. The challenge is with the “haters”, the Nigerian out there envying your success. Rather than learning chooses to capitalize on your flaws (which everyone has) to put you down and perhaps attempt to make a name from it.
    I would say, what happened to Linda will be looked back at a few years down the road as the GAME CHANGER in the history of blogging.

    I pray some “Aye Dee” comes and gibes me the Linda Ikeji treatment make I blow overnight abeg!!!! Amen! Lol!

  13. I admit, I was was waiting for your write up on this whole brouhaha…
    Well, lessons learnt, case closed…
    But I really don’t understand why people don’t reply mails sha oh, maybe i’m saying this because I never big reach that level but I imagine if someone sends you a mail to offer you some good money/business proposition, you’ll reply, so why not take that same time to reply all mails(atleast the reasonable ones?)

    I always say that people who reply their mails when it’s not about money…when it’s on someone asking for help or something are just priceless.
    people remember little things,atleast I do.

    Well,lessons learnt,your toyota camry is safe.lol
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  14. Seriously, some people just ignore emails and I’m always like, even if you can’t address the issue in the email just politely say so. It’s better than, ignoring. Everyone just trying to prove their worth and influence. Don’t worry ofili, no copyright weapon formed against your blog shall prosper.

  15. I thought you had sold that Camry for half the price that the buyer was willing to pay for, in Texas. Or is it another Camry?

  16. Lovely, lovely article. I particularly love it because I gleaned a lesson I have never been presented with before: some people will naturally hate you for the job you do, whether it is a seemingly noble job or not.

    You killed it, man.
    Samuel latest post is The Art of Eating OutMy Profile

  17. Olakitan on said:

    well i stopped reading linda’s blog long time ago because i realise most of her storys were not confirmed.she will only say ‘sources close to’there was a partcular instace that i was in an event,what i saw on her blog on same event was heart broken,and peoples comments was disappionting,well i dont blame the public,it was the lies they were told.i think if you are going to. publish something not too good about someone,you should at least get your facts right.dont tarnish someone image on “them say”

  18. I actually do admire her
    I admire any women who can go out there
    Pitch or build an idea and make a living
    and change other people’s life by it
    She has balls.

    No lele
    But I love women who don’t cry, whine and fall on the floor waiting for a superhero to save them
    I used to do that till my university course adviser straightened me out.

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