Life Is Short

This post has been seen 100 times.

At 3:00 am at night I was driving down a long narrow road, when out of nowhere I saw a car in my rear view mirror swerving and speeding dangerously. Instinctively I slowed down and let it go by…

I continue driving down the road, now oblivious to the mysterious swerving car…only for my drive to be interrupted by a RED street light bringing me to an abrupt halt…and right at the stop light was the same car!

Despite it’s reckless speed and my slow/precautionary driving we both were at the same spot.

When I got home all I could think about were the many stupid things we all tend to do behind the wheel. From texting while driving to speeding unnecessarily…two activities that at that moment appear important but  on the long run are quite trivial. When was the last time a text was so important that we would risk our lives to send it? As I went to bed that night, the last words on my mind were “LIFE IS SHORT”


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