Lego Of My Weave Caption Contest

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When I saw this picture I was speechless and whenever I am speechless I always rely on others to give me words. So everyone out there…please help me caption this picture! As usual there would be a dope price for the winner as soon as I sell 10,000 copies of my latest book


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16 comments on “Lego Of My Weave Caption Contest

  1. Oyewole on said:

    The above picture is a replicer of a Bold and beautiful black lady with her head packed full with wisdom.
    Her colour shows how talented the Africans are.
    I want to conclude that irrespective of race and colour, all human are boundle of talent and all that is needful is the right channelization.

    Warn Regards!

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Honored
    Re: the lady …these came to mind:
    – AfroBraniac
    – Astute Hirsute
    – Building Blocks of Blackness

    Apologies…I’m a bit ‘nerdy’


  3. Oluwasayo on said:

    She’s beautiful but has this forlorn look.I guess she has a lot of ideas running through her mind, but the weight of her ideas and the uncertainty of her future makes her look sad and scared.

  4. feyi on said:

    An African woman with lots of responsibilities and issues, so bad that she feels the world is on her head but she keeps going cos she’s black and strong

  5. Tomiloba on said:

    “Creation’s beauty personified, built one block at a time”

    PS: is there a limit on the number of captions per person

  6. Francex on said:

    A typical African woman…
    With ideas..wisdom…
    All stacked up in her head…
    But d society in which she lives in…
    Doesn’t recognize dis…
    Doesn’t let her speak…
    Sees her as weak…empty…
    She wants to go all out ..
    But she can’t …
    Hence d sad face…

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