The Unofficial 4th Major Language of Nigerians

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I pressed the horn hard but it didn’t make a sound. I tried again, pressing at different angles, but the horn still did not make a sound. The only sound came from the DPS officer informing me yet again that I could not complete my driver’s license test –because a car without a functioning horn was a danger on the streets of America. I was pissed off!

If I was in Nigeria this would have made complete sense. I mean you cannot drive anywhere in Lagos without a horn…in fact horning was the unofficial 4th major language of Nigerians…every Nigerian young adult was well versed in the language of horning.

You horned to greet a friend on the road; you horned when a driver cut you off; you horned when you were about to cut another driver off; and you horned when your soccer team scored. It was our way of communicating. Beep beep!

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6 comments on “The Unofficial 4th Major Language of Nigerians

  1. EreOluwa on said:

    Hahahahaahah Ofili kai! My hubby is a good example of this your write-up (lol). Anytime he is driving, whether he knows the driver(s) beeping or not he (must) surely beep back. Infact early when I was a ‘jjc’, in driving, his method of encouraging me was ‘don’t be afraid, enjoy your A/C, and anytime anyone beeps you too press your beep, as many times as the other drivers do, do same twice over!!’ Did I got over my fear of driving, sure I did with that method.. God bless you man, you always keep it real.

  2. I can’t stop laughing man. But it is through everywhere in nigeria people horn for no just cause I think it is now part of us.


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