It Only Takes One YES

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One of my lasting memories in college was the annual career fair. That was when you would polish up your resumes and pass it out to prospective employers for a stint in corporate America, as an Intern or Full Time employee. I attended the career fairs diligently every year and must have passed out my resume to more than a thousand companies. And each time I passed out my resume I received the same answer…NO…NO…NO….“We can’t hire you because you don’t have enough experience” or my all time favorite “We can’t hire you because you are an international student.”

But despite all the no’s it took only one yes to get me into the door…it was an offer that happened outside the career fair from a company that somehow believed I could be an asset to them. And that yes has been responsible for my professional career success to date.

So remember, in life we will encounter a lot of NO’s but it only takes one YES!


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21 comments on “It Only Takes One YES

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  2. Halima Yusuf on said:

    I like this. And you’re absolutely right. It is so easy to become frustrated when all you hear is \NO\ all the time. I guess the key to sanity is to persevere and hang in there and hope and pray for the one \YES\ you need.

  3. Kehinde Jolasun on said:

    Met me at the right time and really strengthens me and challenge me to keep moving even though all i am still getting for now is NO

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