Is Fashola Really That Great?

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WARNING: This article might criticize Fashola.

Nigeria is funny, actually Lagos is funnier.

Today Armed Robbers carry out a Broad Daylight organized attack in one of Nigeria’s most expensive places … the Lekki/Ikoyi border … police officers are killed, innocent by-standers as well. An attack that goes on for several long minutes.

But yet like so many robbery cases in Nigeria, the police officers only showed up after the armed robbers had disappeared. But this is nothing new, armed robbers showed up at my parents house and the police officers they came, showed up and started ringing the bell…

But this article is not about police officers. It’s about us, Lagosians … Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Foreigners, all of us living in Lagos … we are just too damn content with the status quo.

Somehow word leaked years ago that Fashola was the best thing since sliced Agege bread so we don’t criticize him … you never criticize Fashola.

Even the current gubernatorial election between Ambode and Agbaje is all about who can maintain Fashola’s legacy. But I say to what? Legacy of what?

In Ikoyi/Lekki (talkless of other places) roads are shitty. Security is shitty. Water tastes like shit and looks like shit especially in Lekki.

But yet we Lagosians are content. So content that Lagosians Nigeria’s largest voting block is one of the lowest states for PVC (Permanent Voters Card) collection. We just can’t be bothered. And I know this …

Because after this appalling/embarrassing break down in Lagos state security. Nobody … not Lagosians, not Ambode and not Agbaje will come out to say Fashola should have done better on security, nobody will say that this situation is an embarrassment to Lagos. And why?

Because years ago someone said Fashola was great and it true. He WAS great … but the thing is that great people need to be criticized to maintain their greatness. And Lagos has not done this enough.

Abeg Lagosians, take the elections seriously. Lagos is not doing as great as we think it is. It can be better and we need to push both candidates harder and please go and pick up your PVC if you haven’t. I am out!

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Author: Ofili

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32 comments on “Is Fashola Really That Great?

  1. security is our major challenge in this country. I think and believe it is the duties of our leaders to protect live and properties of its citizens but they have failed in that area. All they know how to do is protect their selfish political interest and their bank accounts by continuous looting of the public treasury.
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  2. You’re absolutely right. Governor FasholaI is the proverbial one eyed king in a community of blind people. It’s just hard to criticize him when his counterparts can barely match his scorecard.

    On the issue of Security, You may recall that the Governor clamored for state Police , an appeal that was turned down. The federal government has control over our police force.

    I hope we citizens will open our eyes and do the needful

    • Ofili

      Ola you are 100% right. The police is under the Federal Government … but there are still many many things that the State government can do. For instance why are there not CCTV Camera’s on our streets?

      Security is not just police. But like you said the Police being under the Federal Government makes it harder for state Governments.

  3. TheSlickGuy on said:

    I was discussing just on monday regarding the fact that growing up in lagos, several years ago, a regular testimony in church gatherings was how “Armed robbers came to my house” there was hardly anyone who did not have encounters with armed robbers with many families losing their fathers to this. Fast forward to the Fashola era despite the increased population density, rarely do you ever hear incidences of armed robbery. The most you hear of is probably burglars who steal when no one is home.

    Regarding Fashola being a good governor: Results don’t lie. He obviously has room for improvement but you can’t deny the progress and development he brought to Lagos. Look at Obalende today, look at Oshodi, look at the ikorodu express way especially the Alaka Iponri side to name a few

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      I am sorry. But pockets of improvement don’t mean anything. Yes Fashola might be great when compared to other Governors but at best he is average in the larger scope of things.

      We need to criticize him more and push him more that’s how people get better. A broad daylight robbery cannot happen in Lagos and we are mute on criticizing Fashola.

      Obama has a 45% approval rating but yet is very good. He is good because of that criticism he gets.

    • Ofili

      Yes o…greatness is like a knife, after sometime it gets blunt but when it encounters obstacles and criticism, it gets sharper and better. Its a cycle, its a process.

  4. Let me get this straight, are you implying robberies don’t occur in developed climes ? Its unfortunate the lives that were wasted unnecessarily but we also need to be realistic, no society can stop these kind of things totally. How exactly is this Fashola’s fault ? All leaders can definitely be criticized but lets say you go to your supermarket to buy sliced bread and you couldn’t get any, you will criticize Fashola ?

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      I worked and studied in Houston. My house got broken into twice and my Uncle got robbed at gun point. The difference however is that you don’t see brazen broad daylight robberies like what happened yesterday. Robbers are not afraid of police in Nigeria but in America they are, that’s difference.

      When my Uncle was robbed in Houston, the robbers were on the look out for police. When my Parents got robbed in Lagos, my Mum said they were not even worried or afraid or even in a hurry, they took their time because they know police will not come.

      • Ofili ,

        Granted we need to push Fashola to do more but what you don’t know is what he has done for Nigeria Police force. All those new trucks and Pick up you see them drive around are from LSG. He even got them speed boat about 6 of them to maintain security of the water area.
        Between when was the last time you heard this kind of robbery in Lagos? I might be wrong but this is the first time in a very long time.

        Robbery like this happens in U. S and other developed countries as well . Only difference is they are able to get photos or videos in matter of minutes.
        The robbers are sharp too. They chose a day when 80% of the police in Lagos have been withdrawn to secure Oga Jona to act. Fashola will not tell them how to use the arms and ammunition . The only thing that will be interesting for me is to see if the cameras are working . That have spent billion to do this we just need to know.

  5. Omooba on said:

    I love you Ofili! I also almost always enjoy your perspectives to the many issues you take on. But I believe you got this wrong…

    As much as I don’t believe Fashola is an angel or that he is super-human (I think he just does some of the very basic things he was elected to do), security is not directly a governor’s responsibility.

    Now I have to admit, governors are usually referred to as the chief security officers of their states, but we all know that’s just on paper. Mr President controls the Nigerian Police through the IGP, Shikena.

    The few I have heard about Fashola’s involvement in equipping the police in Lagos tells me he is head over shoulders above all his peers – I’m not saying he can’t do more though…

    This is already sounding like one of my verbal rants, let me bring it home by saying: yes, Fashola should be held responsible for the state of infrastructure(road, water,…) anywhere in Lagos, but there is little a he could have done to prevent the needless deaths and horrors of yesterday at Lekki specifically.

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Omooba police is Federal. But Security is not.

      There are things a state governor can do to improve security that does not involve police.

      At the end of the day if crime is low in Lagos, people will not say o look Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has done a great job. They will say Fashola has done a great job.

      That logic should apply in the reverse case of high crime.

      • Bloody Mary on said:

        You echoed my thoughts. When Ebola was ‘conquered’, was Fashola’s praises not sung? Even GEJ’s. Nigerians and their selective amnesia. When something laudable happens, we sing praise. When horrible things happen, we turn blind eyes.
        If he is accepting credit for the ‘wonders’ he purportedly did, criticisms for where he failed is absolutely needed.

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Also this article addresses the need to criticize Government more. Whether Fashola has done great in the past is irrelevant to what happened yesterday. Yesterday there was a security breakdown in Lagos and the governor needs to take responsibility for it and not Chibok the blame to other people like GEJ.

      • Omooba on said:

        I agree with u Ofili as in police is federal, some parts of security is not. But will also add that Lagos security is not all on Mr Governor.

        As far as we are talking owning up to responsibilities, all lagosians have their parts to play to different extents. And that acknowledges of course that Mr Governor as a lion share of that responsibility.

  6. Ofili, I disagree with you. There are certain incidents the state government does not have control over, and one of such is armed robbery. Security is the duty of all of us. If there are no CCTV on the streets of Lekki, are there in the bank robbed? Don’t compare the american security apparatus to that of Nigeria. They have state police even local police there. I don’t think it’s fair to throw the blame on Fashola’s lap. He has done his bit. He’s one the few governors in Nigeria who have used state fund to equip the police. Check the records.

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Well we can agree to disagree. Because when security was good in Lagos nobody credited it to GEJ, but now it is bad it is shifted to federal =/

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      First of all I never said it does not happen abroad. My house got broken into twice in Houston and my Uncle got robbed at gun point. The difference is that robbers here in Nigeria are not afraid of police so they carry out operations in broad daylight and are not even in a hurry cause they know police will do nothing.

      Also the example you gave happened at midnight, so yeah, big difference.

  7. Osaze on said:

    Hmm…… Well in my view, the present Lagos State is far better than it was abt 15 years ago. Lagos was a ‘mad house’. With the introduction / revival of som institutions, trust me Lagos has bcome saner. No govt in the world can completely wipe out crime in its society bt can set systems to curb to the lowest possible form. The police isn’t run by state but federal. Quite a number of projects have been frustrated by the federal govt to make states run by opposing parties look bad. Even the pple don’t want development. Solar panels to light up the roads are vandalised, street security cameras are stolen. Pple on the street are sayin they wldnt vote 4 a particular party cos they might stop dem frm selling deir goods by the road side cos the party wld instil more discipline. Changing Nigeria wld take some time n basically the peoles mindset need to change.

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Again another person blaming the Federal government. I am sorry I am just not buying that, because again when security was good in Lagos nobody said it was because of GEJ.

      Lastly stop using Fashola past work as a justification for a mistake he has made. For all Obama has done for America, when he makes a mistake, people tell him. That’s how you attain true greatness…not by sychophanting a leader into believing he is great, when he is average.

  8. Fashola is not the greatest governor biko….Because a governor constructs road and transformed Osodi does not make him great. He is just doing what he was elected for. we are just used to celebrating mediocrity. The only thing i can say is that in the land of the blind (all the governors), the one with one quarter eye (Fasola) will always be king.
    My greatest disappointment is him shifting teh blame of this robbery to GEJ’s visit to Lagos.
    To say i was disappointed will be an understatement.
    We need to critic all these government officials the more as as to push them to perform. No governor has done anything extraordinary in my opinion,
    Ofili, nice write up…Keep writng. Kindly visit my blog @ and drop your comments.

    • On Sunday morning, I was having a conversation with a friend on Fashola’s achievements and the main thing my friend mentioned was Oshodi, the independent power project that hasn’t translated to better electricity supply and the construction of roads and renovation of LASUTH. Its sad that after eight years, these are his “tangible” legacies.
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  9. Ofili,
    I am one of those people who admires your work. I am also quite convinced that you are passionate about a better Nigeria, an emotion we urgently need to duplicate amongst the generality of Nigerian youth.

    On this particular matter, I am constrained to disagree with you. It is unfair to state that Fashola has not done anything about security in Lagos. It is on record that Lagos State under his watch has continuously furnished the Nigerian Police with equipment ranging from vehicles to arms. They have also provided the Police with speed boats to ensure effective marine policing.

    According to The Punch, the FG blocked the state government from installing 10,000 CCTV across the state in 2013.

    Vanguard also records that as of 2014, the state had installed 1200 in conjunction with the FG and planned another 1000 across strategic locations.

    So while I admit that there is more to be done, I believe it is unfair to state that Lagos under Fashola has gone to sleep on the issue of security. It is the same Lagos State that launched a residents registration scheme which among other things, would aid security planning and delivery.

    Government is a continuum. Can we honestly say that Fashola has not achieved much? I doubt it. Can we say that all our aspirations have been met? Certainly not. Imagine a case where successive governments build and expand on the progress of previous ones. Surely our lives as Nigerians would be better off. We all want our governments to do more, but we must not ignore the solid steps that have been taken.

    • @nnamdi.. thanks for this eye opening analysis and links. for sure we must all acknowledge the things our governments has put in place even when we want more to be done.

  10. uche okeke on said:

    Nna, the police was on the scene and a few got killed. Why are we quick to run down the police ? (I know its not the NYPD yet). I agree that a lot can be done but all the law enforcement agents in the country can not secure 180million citizens all at the same time.

  11. One of our problems as a nation is our inability to hold our leaders accountable by constructive criticism and asking the right questions. After such an ugly incident, we should be talking about how this could have been prevented, steps to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. Instead the focus is on GEJ’s Lagos visit and the blame game between LASG and FG on the deployment of policemen for the president’s visit
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  12. Listen Ofili is just asking who should be held accountable on the security issue in lag cum the lekki incident. While BRF may have done some things excellently well in the past-or not(since that’s what he was elected to do)-the fact still remains that he has done well on other issues but fell short on this issue. Pure and simple. We’ve seen enough comments with verifiable facts above about what he has done for security in Lagos asides the acheivements Oshodi,LASUTH and roads and ebola containment. Great leaders need constructive criticism to remain great. Dasall.

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