Can The Internet Hear Us

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Okay this is scary or weird or downright confusing.

I had a chat with my friend this evening over the phone about a certain website that helps alert people when their website is down. I won’t mention the name of the site although it rhymes with kingdom.

Now please note I did not search for the site on the internet, did not even enter the name anywhere on my computer, I simply talked about it over the phone.

Well I just logged on to facebook after that conversation and the first advert I see on facebook is for that site! The one that rhymes with kingdom!

Conincidence? Or is the internet stalking you and I?

I think it could be the latter … and that is worrisome it is as if the internet is getting very very powerful and scary! And one day we will wake up and realize it is not all memes and spoof videos. #truestory

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Author: Ofili

Words by Okechukwu Ofili of
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Read his crazy titled books on konga or okadabooks
Feed his children at…no wait he has no kids…. 

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9 comments on “Can The Internet Hear Us

  1. Nonsoike on said:

    Ofilispeaks, what you have described is basic internet technology used to track your activities by most websites. It also makes your internet surfing “easier”.

    If it bothers you, just browse in incognito mode. The downside of incognito browsing is mainly having to type in your passwords everytime you open a site that requires login.

    • Toonna on said:

      How did the topic of discussion over the phone become an ad on Facebook? I believe the suggestion is somehow Facebook tapped into his phone call, hence privacy is a fallacy.

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      @Nonsoike you missed the point. I made a phone call (I was not browsing) and they somehow tapped into it secondly browsing incognito does not stop adverts from being pushed to you.

  2. Have you seen the movie EagleEye? Yes? No? I don’t think all those ‘future’ movies are just movies, I believe some of them tell us truths about our today and tomorrow. Colour me Conspiracy Theorist.

  3. Muyiwa on said:

    Facebook is most guilty of this. Once I met a random girl in a chat room. We exchanged numbers, but she wasn’t on Facebook. So one day, this girl joins Facebook and the first person they suggest as a friend to her is me! Imagine my shock. Bear in mind, I didn’t have my number on my profile. But I did have the Facebook app on my phone. The only way me and this girl had ever contacted each other was by phone.
    Last year February, I deleted (not deactivated) my Facebook account. I have never looked back since then.

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