How Instagram Could Have Saved The Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria

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Unless you have been living under a rock or third-mainland Bridge for that matter, you would have definitely seen pictures of the 32 contestants for the Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria. I would like to frame what I am about to say in a clean polite manner…but honestly all I can say is that the pictures were TERRRIBLE. Now I am not saying the girls are not beautiful or anything, because that is not what the contest is about (plus Ms.Kaduna and Ms.Imo were quite *cough *cough). However, the organizers, the photographer, the make up artist and anyone else involved in leaking releasing these pictures needs to be shot! But with rubber band o…no bokoharam in this joint.

On a serious note, this is why they have to be shot…the most beautiful girl in Nigeria is a NATIONAL contest not a local contest….I repeat NATIONAL contest…that said it is extremely inexcusable for the pictures to look like a drunk make-up artist prepped the girls only for a blind photographer to take the pictures and and then send them to a nursery school for photo editing! Especially when Nigeria has exceptional talents such as Lola Maja (Make-Up), Collins Metu (Photography) and Geofrey Olisa (Picture Editing) to name a few. I have no idea who organized the photoshoot, but I can take a stab and say that he did not get the job based on his/her talent. I mean we had girls wearing t-shirts and training bras for a National contest photo-shoot with weave tracks showings on their heads! #fml (Fufu Makes Me Laugh).

What kills me the most is that these pictures even as bad as they are could still have been rescued. Hello! We now have Instagram and numerous other simple and FREE photo editing software out there. I spent less than 10 minutes using this website to edit 5 of the 32 contestant pictures. And while the clean-up does not necessarily fix the initial disastrous pictures…it helps make it a bit better. You can see the changes below and decide for yourself:






In conclusion, let us do what we can do to ensure that the MBGN organizers do not repeat this crime against humanity Nigeria again! And that we extend quality imagery in all facets of Nigerian life including books, magazines and especially NOLLYWOOD! Because contrary to popular belief, people do judge books by their covers and people judge countries by the quality of their images.

PS: I might sound like I am joking, but these pictures really made me sad. Nigeria can do better than this and it is the little details that would help us solve the big problems. As bloggers and based on National pride, we should demand better pictures or clean up the pictures before posting.

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27 comments on “How Instagram Could Have Saved The Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria

  1. nomy on said:

    Urmmm y didnt u edit miss delta and miss benue. U picked the faces that were d easiest to work with lmao

  2. Lade on said:

    Did you see them in trad. the photographer and everybody involved in the trad photoshoot should be locked up. I mean whatever happened to creativity

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Creativity to them was alternating 2 pieces of fake tree trunks on a white background! #fml (Fufu Makes Me Laugh)

  3. Ifunanya on said:

    LMAO, it is just a shame!!! who the hell is the producer of this beauty pageant though? has he ever heard the word quality before? SMH

  4. isioma nathaniel on said:

    Good observation this is just one of the many facets of our national where the best hands never get to do the work!

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Exactly Isioma…we just have too much talent out there to produce this nonsense. Why not get with the owner of FAB magazine and make them take charge of the photoshoots. But someone wants to chop photography money….smh…

  5. I am Nneka on said:

    I guess I must have been under olumo rock, cos I heard of the terrible shots but never saw them!well,#swallows hard# the fourth girl seems the most likely to make it….silverbird seems to be silent over all the bad remarks…makes me wonder why?anyway,good editing Ofili,perhaps you could even be employed…lol

  6. IFEOMA Nwawe on said:

    tell them o!!! they can like to fall our hand.. see wat instagram can do. let me do and download it and use it to touch my pics ASAP. If nigeria is dulling why shld i join them?

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Lol…Nwawe you wan kill me o. You are fine sha…you will not need instagram…instagram will need you. =)

      • laide on said:

        lmao..ofili u re too funny..reading this long after it was uploaded and it still got me cracking.

  7. chineze Ogboh on said:

    That’s how I commented on the shitty photography on one of Complete Fashion Issue and they blocked me on Twitter. I was only giving constructive criticism

  8. Did you watch the final event? The volume terrible, lightening abysmal, absolutely dry and boring, the production in general. At the end after their farewell just after they announced the winner, silverbird panned out to nothing and came back on the disorganised scene. The guess they couldn’t transition well. My TV was on the highest volume and I was still straining to hear. It makes me wonder how worse it would have been if it was a smaller TV station.

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