The Sky Is Falling And You Need Sky Insurance

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People (especially sales people) often utilize FEAR to create product sales. And to be honest FEAR sells, you only need to look at the stock market in any part of the world to realize the truth of this statement. However, the problem with fear-based selling is that it tends to prey on the consumer at their most vulnerable moment …a highly unethical strategy! But the blame does not lie only on the SALES person but also with the CONSUMER. We as consumers should train ourselves to detect when FEAR is being used to drive sales. For example you visit BESTBUY or any electronic store and the sales person spends an hour convincing you to buy an electronic device based on its awesome dependability and reliability…barely a second after you make the purchase he begins to tell you that you need to buy a special one-year warranty in case your super-duper-ultra reliable electronic device that he just sold you breaks down! Sounds ridiculous right? Turns out that this warranty scheme is the primary source of income for major electronic stores across the globe and it generates money primarily via FEAR. This happens almost everywhere in life. So the next time someone tells you something as ridiculous as THE SKY IS FALLING! Check out his title, he might just be trying to sell you a full coverage sky insurance policy! Stay smart and fight FEAR!
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  1. Happens all the time! and it’s so ridiculous….you walk into a store to buy something that should be as easy as ABC…something like bathing soap…within one brand you have all these different kinds of choices to make. One has skin firming properties, the other has anti-aging properties and the other has moisturising agents….who the hell wants soap that wiil only firm but then leave his/her skin dry?. Or who wants young looking flabby skin?….Fear principle at its best!

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