If You Don’t Like My Idea…Then Create Your Own Freaking Idea!

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Pardon my English on this sketch, but it was drawn from a place of anger and annoyance!

You spend your time and energy working on an idea…it could be as simple as an article or a social movement that you hope will make life better for someone. You spend sleepless nights researching and fine-tuning your idea. Finally it is ready, you publicize it to the world. Some people love the idea, some people criticize the idea constructively…but then some lazy ass bloke with a computer and internet connection starts blabbing about how terrible your idea is or how whack it is and then proceeds to write an essay on why your idea is doomed to fail or why the world would end when your idea is implemented.

They spend so much time shooting down other peoples ideas…sometimes I just want to yell IF YOU DON’T LIKE MY FREAKING IDEAS CREATE YOUR OWN FREAKING IDEAS!

But they won’t cause they are IDEA ASSASSINS they just love to shoot and kill ideas and they can’t create an original idea even if you paid them to. Ironically if they spent as much time assassinating ideas as they did thinking…the world could be a better place. Not because of the ideas they would generate, but the silence that would emanate from their thinking so that others with good ideas can continue without the fear of their idea being assassinated!

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28 comments on “If You Don’t Like My Idea…Then Create Your Own Freaking Idea!

  1. Fati on said:

    Wow- Monsieur is tres vexed. Pouquoi? Monsieur should please remember (when he gets over this state) that those teeny tiny minds are Gods way of adding a little colour to the earth.

    Be thou not vexed … On 2nd thoughts, BE VEXED!!!!

    Some people (to use the urban slang of the day), are just HATERS! (ie. Na dem nature be that – insert rolling eye smiley here).

    Full stop.

  2. LOL Hilarious image! I agree with you. Chinua Achebe said it all – “If you don’t like someones story(in this context ‘idea’), WRITE YOUR OWN”. Simple!

  3. I know what you mean. I think people tear down other people’s dreams or ideas because they are don’t have one of their own otr to scared to implement their own. They feel better and less deficient when you aren’t going a step further than themselves.

  4. mazi emdi on said:

    Ofili, let me be the 1st to tell u that I admire ur work. They are thoughtful, well plan and articulated. As a Nigerian u have inspired me to also put my thoughts in motion. Truely! Iam a new fan of ur, jus dis morning was up by 6am watching ur speech at TED, very nice and relateable. I truely urge u to keep up wat u r doin.
    Mazi Emdi

  5. mazi emdi on said:

    Always remember that those that eagerly shoot down others efforts are those that are secretly jealous of what u r doin maybe cos they themself have not been able to.

    My guy keep ur head up! Mazi stands firmly in support of ur unique efforts. Whole ha!

  6. Cheche on said:

    Better still, if they no like the idea, make them at least try help you improve the ting.

    No idea is complete, but rather than pointing out what is wrong with it, instead we should all look at ideas and go “What would make it better”?

    Heaven forgive me for what I am about to do, which is generalise, but as a vexed Nigerian, I think I am allowed. Nigerians are expert naysayers and rain-on-your-paraders. It is like we have become skilled at being negative and killing other people’s ideas.

    Now I have an idea. Let’s practice improving on one idea that we think is lame. It goes against our nature, but in the long run it will pay us abeg.

  7. That’s what people are just good at, after all ur sleepless night somebody will just use one minute to criticise. I think every creative person on earth should learn to overlook criticism and see thamselves as success, coz if you ain’t successful there will be no room for criticism.

  8. Claudia Stevens on said:

    But you know,this is niaja,you are not copyright protected or r u?? So assassins will always assassinate,and your f…….ideas will always be encroached,or so I think…

  9. Ayomipo on said:

    I think we are all getting it wrong! From experience, I have realized that this generation is unfortunately, a very shallow-minded generation (most of the time). Once the ‘shallows’ read any article that they can’t easily absorb, (due to the porosity of their brains- I think it’s a clinical condition), they protest…that’s what we assume is criticism. Another problem of the shallows is that, they want fame at all costs, whether it negative or positive (hence, the number of vomit-inducing music videos we see on TV). My advice to all the intellectuals out there is to ignore them because when you get upset, you put them exactly where they want to be…in the spotlight! So, the next time you see any blurt-outs in response to any of your writings, just imagine how Johnny Bravo would feel if you tried to engage him in a conversation about fractional distillation 😉

  10. The person is an attachee; people who can’t generate enough traffic by the quality of their ideas, so they look for someone popular and attack the person’s idea for publicity sake.

    Guy no vex ehn, we de blow cool air ontop your head.
    Monale Alemika latest post is the intimidation of adamMy Profile

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