How To Get To Where You Are Going

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One of my favorite quotes in the world has to be from Alice in Wonderland. It was the Rabbit’s response to Alice’s search for direction…

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.

In life we are constantly searching for direction…we look to our Parents, Pastors, Leaders, Bosses and Experts to point us in the right direction. In most cases we know where we want to go, we want to be rich, successful and above all happy. But contrary to the Rabbit’s message above, knowing WHERE we want to go is not just enough. We have to have a little bit of knowledge on HOW to get there or else we would get misled and used.

For isntance everyone wants to go to heaven. Even atheists want to go to heaven. The thirst to go to heaven is so great that some people will throw away all logic in a bid to get there. But, you only have to scour the internet to find scores of articles on numerous people that have been used financially and physically by people posing as pastors or religious leaders. The main unifying theme in each case is an unwillingness of the victim to question and challenge what they are being told with common sense. That inability to challenge can lead to problems.


Recently, I went to see my bank about the removal of my PMI (which is basically a monthly theft fee) from my mortgage bill. After waiting for about 30 minutes, I was met by a young clerk who ushered me to a seat. “How may I help you?” he asked. I restated my intention to remove the PMI fee from my account. But, before I could even finish, he informed me that the only way I could remove PMI was by refinancing my entire loan. Now, I don’t know if it was annoyance at having to be kept waiting for so long or my PMI knowledge…but before I could think, 3 words flew out of my mouth…THAT’S A LIE! And I was right. I knew the PMI laws to an extent and moreover I knew that banks made a chuck load of money from re-financing. Perplexed and shocked the bank rep looked at his computer screen and after several seconds he turned and informed me that he made an error. Turns out that all I needed was an appraisal and depending on my loan to equity ratio I could get the PMI removed. I was able to get this information, not because I knew where I wanted to go…but because I had a slight knowledge on how to get there. I could have easily been misled into refinancing a mortgage and would never realize it until it was too late.


As individuals and especially as entrepreneurs we have to constantly educate ourselves by reading and studying up on various issues. We don’t need a Masters or PhD on those topics, but we need to know enough so that we don’t get lied to or used. For the record I am not a financial expert, I hate finances, I don’t fully understand the stock market and I get confused with financial terminologies and laws. But what I do is that I read up on these items, before I go to a financial expert for advice. Same thing I do for my car, even though I studied Mechanical Engineering, I would be the first to tell you that I do not care for what is under the hood of a car. But before I see any mechanic, I search the internet again for information on the issues I have with my car. By doing this I mitigate the chanced of me getting lied to.


Cultivating a habit of educating yourself on topics outside our realm of expertise can save you thousands of dollars, but more importantly it can save you the heart-ache of working with the wrong person or getting used and abused. So the next time you seek direction from an expert, your family or leaders…remember that it is not just enough to know where you want to go, you have to have an idea on how to get there. That HOW is the subtle difference between successful entrepreneurs and average entrepreneurs. Focus on cultivating your HOW knowledge!


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14 comments on “How To Get To Where You Are Going

  1. Very well said! Like you pointed out “[The] inability to challenge can lead into problems.”  Even the Bible has a whole book dedicated to wisdom (Proverbs, of course) and that should tell you not to throw reason away in dealing with fellow human beings, regardless of their position.  Furthermore, in Socrates’ words, “the unexamined life is not worth living.”  Once you start asking questions, you will get answers.  Education does not begin or end with the acquisition of a degree.  We must constantly educate ourselves in this school called LIFE.

    • Dang! Your comment is like a blog post! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us. Really loved this quote –> “the unexamined life is not worth living.” 

  2. Great article. Educating yourself on the smallest of things actually does go a long way for you. Thanks for sharing. Motivational as always.

  3. Nylsyn4riches on said:

    Thks 4 sharing ur idea with some like me,it goes a long way in addind to our real self.thks alot.Nylsyn

  4. Lynnpopes on said:

    Been searching for an article to share with my colleagues at our Monthly Empowerment Session when I stumbled on this. I think I might steal this. I like it. Thank you.

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