How To Write Funny Stuff Even Though You’re Not Funny

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People come up to me and say gosh you are so funny. I look at them in bewilderment and say if only they  knew…

If only they knew that I am actually a very dry person. Just ask blue biro … she would tell you. In fact if you were to come on a family visit to my house you will see me in the corner laughing at other people’s jokes but not cracking any jokes.

I don’t think I am funny on paper either … I just write funny …. Not funny like a Kevin Hart or Dave Chappelle or Basket Mouth funny. But funny as in … o look at how funny he walks or o his head looks funny or what is that funny smell…

I simply write funny and that’s the secret to being funny. And here’s the good news … you too can write funny because it is easy as hell.

It simply means breaking the rules, going against the grain, bucking the trend even in the most mundane of circumstances. See if you can spot the funny in this typically mundane copyright notice:

Copyright Notice

Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without express written permission from the author. The author will punch you in the eyeball if her book is copied! So don’t do it!

Can you spot the funny?

I am sure it made you laugh, maybe smile or even giggle. But what it did more importantly was make you think differently and likely the author had more impact with that message than the if she wrote in the typical manner. That’s the power in writing funny shit, it sticks with people while simultaneously making people smile.

Write funny so you can Write funny shit that stinks I mean sticks!

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Author: Ofili

Words by Okechukwu Ofili of
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15 comments on “How To Write Funny Stuff Even Though You’re Not Funny

  1. The bottom line is sha write. Art is dynamic. What doesn’t seem funny to you might be funny to others. If it makes you smile or giggle, there’s a tendency it will make someone else giggle. The funnicity of the funniness is debatable. Can you spot the funny? Errrr…. Dodges tomato and eggs. 😀

  2. Adelowo Oreoluwa on said:

    Ofili, Igweeeee……yeah I could spot the Funny in the copyright Line….. Punch me in the Eye ke, please oh, LOL. Very Brief and I Got the message, thank you so much!

  3. People claim I’m funny in the real world, at least the numerous giggles and craziness generated from different corners when I speak or act confirms it….but I just can’t write funny.. It’s vexing but I’ve come to accept it.

    Although some of my readers claim that a line or something made them laugh and when I look at that line, I don’t get the joke… A situation which the meme above has simply conformed.

    Good job Ofili and yeah, you’re darn funny…
    Stephanie latest post is Never too oldMy Profile

  4. muyiwasoares on said:

    My two major rules in writing witty stuffs..Rule 1..Trust your Funniness Instincts:if it feels or sounds funny to the writer,chances are there,that it would connect with the readers,go for it and send the click button.Rule 2: Always convey your funny thots in its raw unadultrated form..except for spelling mistakes avoid over editing,experience has shown, it loses the funniness..ok there is Rule No 3.. you can write the funniest stuffs would never connect with everybody..some folks have the most dry humour in the planet! smh

  5. By breaking the rules, going against the grain and bucking the trend, not only will you be funny but your message will get absorbed faster…
    Adaeze latest post is Let it goMy Profile

  6. Bibii on said:

    Yipee! Just wat I was look for. You are really funny. I talk funny but am super mega dry when I write. Oshey!

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