How Bad Do You Want The Light?

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lantern-copyHow bad do you want the light?

1999: Studying for my A-levels exams at home was tough.

Tough because NEPA would consistently interrupt my late night studies with darkness.

When that happened my Dad would tell me to turn on the Generator, which I eagerly rushed to do.

But now I was studying under the loud clangs of our noisy generator. And then just a few hours later, my Dad would instruct me to turn it off … as he always said “we had to conserve diesel” or my favorite “the generator has to rest.”

Back then there were no inverters, instead I had to switch to my tiny rechargeable lamp-radio combination device which allowed me study for a few more minutes until the battery cells dried up.

And when that happened, I instinctively switched to my kerosene powered lantern.

I still remember getting dizzy from the fumes of the lantern as I brought it dangerously close to my text-book to allow me read the small prints of Chemical symbols and Mathematical equations.

Not surprisingly 1999 was when my eyes started going bad, but I didn’t care. I needed the light. I was desperate for the light. I needed to pass.

And sometimes the lantern will burn all night as I stay up reading to the wee hours of the early morning. And soon the Sun rays would creep into my room allowing me to see my weary eyes in my bedroom mirror.

From NEPA to generators to rechargeable lamps to lanterns to Sunlight, I was addicted to the light. It did not matter what form it came in … as long as it was light I absorbed it. And because I was addicted to the light, I was able to reach the fabled light at the end of the tunnel.

So I ask … how bad do you want the light?

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Author: Ofili

Words by Okechukwu Ofili of
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5 comments on “How Bad Do You Want The Light?

  1. That question: ‘how bad do you want the light?’ I’ve realised that’s usually the difference between success and failure. Cos the things we want badly and work desperately towards, we always get.
    Bit the problem is that most times we don’t want to leave our comfort zones, we usually take the easiest ways out and always have varieties of excuses to dish out.
    If one wants something badly enough, one should be ready to do all (legally) required to get it even if it means studying with a lantern and bad eyes
    chidi latest post is Nigerians and their Unsolicited Advice #ameboismMy Profile

  2. ocheze on said:

    veeeeeery badly. just rounded off my 2nd semester exams.I can’t count d number of times I slept in sch because d sch gen is on frm a certain hour..not even all through d night. wen I complain, am told dat its part of been a student.come to think of it,I have a chair and table at home but I have to leave dem at home,wat stops me frm reading at home if there is light.infact d situation is frustrating. forget talks of a better Nigeria coz I’ve since lost hope.

  3. mr faradara on said:

    Thumbs up Ofili… I really love this piece. Talking about how desperately we want the light., success never comes cheaply. Even working hard does not always guarantee success., sometimes you just need alittle bit of good luck (not GEJ oooo).
    Looking back through the years am sure yu have no regrets for all the pains you bore., irrespective of what frustration the journey of life brings., one has to decide never to stop at the bend, but at the end (which is when we succeed).

  4. Muyisbanire Oni on said:

    Ofili, I dont want to talk too much but you are really good with what you do.
    Am begening to really want my light badddd but I dont want to rush it and then miss the beauty of exelence . But I want my light like really bad.

    People like you actually have helped in making that light brighter…thank you.

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