Happy “Unrealistic” Independence Day

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nijHappy “Unrealistic” Independence Day, where we get to spend an entire day lying about the state of Nigeria to ourselves until we turn green from our bullshit.

Happy “Unrealistic” Independence Day, where we post green-white-green profile pictures of patriotism while we swim in a quagmire of bullshit that we somehow convince ourselves does not exist.

Happy “Unrealistic” Independence Day, where we spiritually tell ourselves that the problems Nigeria faces can be solved if only we pray a little bit longer today and share inspirational quotes and biblical verses all drenched in green white green bullshit JPEG sauce.

But let me not spoil the day with realities like the “recession” or “double digit inflation” or “soaring unemployment” or “starving IDPs” or “the friend of a friend that died yesterday because Doctors were on strike in Benin” let me not spoil all that with our realities.

Let’s instead congratulate Nigeria on becoming 56 years old because somehow turning “old” is some sort of magical accomplishment worth celebrating every single year regardless of the circumstances of our nano-achievements.

So let’s all wish ourselves and our country a happy 56th “unrealistic” independence day, because we know deep down that “reality” kills!


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